Wow… Just wow…

I’m not sure I should make a list of all the reasons I hate the United States Postal Service. No, hate is way too strong a word. I’m very frustrated on a regular basis with USPS. Tonight I found a reason to be pretty… um… angry with them. I sew. I make things. They are handmade, and they are made in my home, so I consider them homemade.

When I’m in a pinch, I make cards. Normally I buy my cards on Etsy, but I don’t always remember, you know? And when I make these cards, they are very homemade. They often include scribbles made with markers and my really poor handwriting. If the recipient is lucky, they get a stamped image. And you know what? People claim to like them. I don’t care if they’re lying; IT’S A FREAKING CARD. It will get thrown away eventually (if not by the recipient, by whomever has the fortune of dealing with their estate).

But still… A flash ad running on the USPS website has caused an uproar in the Etsy community. I will leave you with the exact image to ponder, but I suggest that if you feel so driven, you should contact USPS and tell them how sucky they are.



November 7, 2007. crafting life, handmade.

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  1. Tara replied:

    Being a Canadian, I hadn’t seen the image. Thanks for posting it. Its strange to me that they would want people to be so ungrateful. Like as if those children making up a crayon and paper card would be less special. Lame.

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