OMG! Gift Cards!

$50 to BOTH I Like You and Jo-Ann!!!  I get to buy handmade goods (up the WAZOO!) and also buy stuff to make handmade goods.  Everyone loved the handmade gifts they received this year.  I might go so far as to say this was the best Christmas ever.  Hope everyone’s was just as great.

Pictures of WIPS to come.


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The importance of buying local

Last night on my local news of choice (I don’t watch the news, actually, but if I did, it would be WCCO), they did a feature on buying local.  Their question was whether or not it’s “green” to buy locally.  The greenness is under debate, but what is absolutely certain is that it’s incredible for the local economy.

What was great about the video was seeing my favorite store, I Like You, featured heavily.   Our very own Sarah is seen talking about her shop while people look around at all the wares.

If you haven’t yet, click here to watch the video.

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Time for Tea Treasury

I don’t drink tea. I want so badly to drink tea, but tea makes me gag. If someone out there could find me a tea that doesn’t make me break out in goosebumps, I will be forever grateful . Why don’t I just give up on tea, you ask? There are a lot of reasons: For starters, tea is supposedly good for you. Secondly, I’m always cold, so it would be nice to have a warm drink that isn’t full of calories (I love hot cocoa, but hate coffee even more than tea). Thirdly, well, I can’t put the third into words.


I think it might have a lot to do with the fact that I grew up surrounded (literally) by teapots, but I love tea related imagery. Teapots are so classic, teabags are almost cute, and tea leaves are beautiful. And cups and saucers. Who doesn’t want to use a cup and saucer? Neanderthals, that’s who.

Featured artists in this treasury: tabidesigns, instantpudding, communitea, tillybloom, thecozycorsetcuff, studiolyon, teanoir, lupin, DinnerTimeCharms, seasprayblue, jacquelineknits, mandaholden.

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Wish list…

A million years ago, my boyfriend gave me a beautiful diamond necklace for my Christmas present/our one year anniversary (okay, it was more like two years ago).  That’s actually the last present I ever got from him.  I’m really rather okay with this lack of giftage–he’s always asked me what I wanted, and I’ve always said nothing.  Frankly, the idea of having more “stuff” is pretty unappealing.  Last week, we were talking about that necklace, and after admitting he’d hoped it would have gotten him out of gift giving for a long time, he finally said pathetically “What DO you want for Christmas?”

I think I said nothing, but I’m sure there must be something out there I could find to ease his guilt.  Let’s take a look at my Etsy favorites.  There’s not much there right now, and a lot of it has sold, but there are some good choices.  Oh, I found a great one!

I know I came across Jenniethepotter a long time ago, because one of her items was in my old favorites list.  That item sold a long time ago, so I checked her shop out tonight.  Her stuff looked REALLY familiar.  I hadn’t looked at the name yet, but this mug just spoke to me.

I thought about some dishes I had seen at No Coast Craft-o-rama this year, and I wished that I could have some of those dishes in my collection.  Then I looked at the username of the person who made this delightful mug.  Lo and behold, it was the very same woman I saw at No Coast, and the location of Minneapolis confirmed it for me.

I think I need to become obsessed with Jenniethepotter now, because she doesn’t have nearly as much in her shop at the moment as would give her collection justice.  She had these adorable plates with balls of yarn and sheeps (yes, “sheeps”) on them.  Those would be great, but I think this sewing mug is even more appropriate for me, don’t you?

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Artist Spotlight: Happify

I had the pleasure of chatting a bit with the woman behind the great art of Happify at Craftmas, but I neglected to get her name. What I do know is this: Her art does what it says (it happifies me) and she has amazing taste in shoes.

I really can’t get enough Happify, and I was hooked when I bought this shirt at I Like You


If I could wear it everywhere, I could. I swear this on my life. I want a gift certificate to I Like You for Christmas purely so I can buy more Happify goods. Like this calendar:




I really can’t think of any Etsy artist I’ve been more obsessed with. I like to think it’s for very good reason.

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Sale Recap

The Handmaidens’ Craftmas was an amazing success.  The sale was wonderful for a first run, and I definitely can’t wait for the February sale.  The setup went without a hitch–Ang and Sarah had the tables all mapped out, and two hours was plenty for us to get everything set up and looking pretty for our eager guests.  We had people busting down the door to shop at 10 am when we opened, and it remained really fast paced until 3pm.  From there it slowed down, but it was a very welcome relief.  It gave sellers a chance to finally get up and walk around without having to worry about their booth.

I had success with my sales, but my greatest success was completely unexpected:

A woman bought a headband from me, and pulled her wallet out to pay.   I noticed the fabric matched a cozy I was selling.  Then it hit me!  It was my wallet.  Not my personal wallet, but one I was selling at I Like You.  I told her I made her wallet, and she said she bought it a few days ago, and was already getting a ton of compliments on it.

It was a proud moment, indeed!

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Not really a post, lol

I’m horribly amused that my views yesterday were 2.  My views today? 22.  My blog stats are completely bipolar.

That is all. : D

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The Countdown

There are only three short days before my biggest sale of the season.  I have 11.5 more headbands to sew (I gave up halfway through the 12th when my bobbin ran out), and that’s it.  Then it’s time to label… Everything.  Everything under the sun, it feels.  And make a sign for each style of headband.  And fill out my ST19.  And work–have I mentioned I have to work 8 hours at my “day job” all three of these little days?  Makes the days that much littler, non?

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