Sale Recap

The Handmaidens’ Craftmas was an amazing success.  The sale was wonderful for a first run, and I definitely can’t wait for the February sale.  The setup went without a hitch–Ang and Sarah had the tables all mapped out, and two hours was plenty for us to get everything set up and looking pretty for our eager guests.  We had people busting down the door to shop at 10 am when we opened, and it remained really fast paced until 3pm.  From there it slowed down, but it was a very welcome relief.  It gave sellers a chance to finally get up and walk around without having to worry about their booth.

I had success with my sales, but my greatest success was completely unexpected:

A woman bought a headband from me, and pulled her wallet out to pay.   I noticed the fabric matched a cozy I was selling.  Then it hit me!  It was my wallet.  Not my personal wallet, but one I was selling at I Like You.  I told her I made her wallet, and she said she bought it a few days ago, and was already getting a ton of compliments on it.

It was a proud moment, indeed!


December 10, 2007. Tags: , , , , , , , , . crafting life, handmade.

One Comment

  1. Mom Barnes replied:

    Dad and I went to this craft show, and yes, it was amazing, and your display with Jenna (CozyCorsetCuff)
    s)was fantastic!

    We were so impressed with your first craft show, looking forward to the next one!

    Keep sewing 🙂

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