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A million years ago, my boyfriend gave me a beautiful diamond necklace for my Christmas present/our one year anniversary (okay, it was more like two years ago).  That’s actually the last present I ever got from him.  I’m really rather okay with this lack of giftage–he’s always asked me what I wanted, and I’ve always said nothing.  Frankly, the idea of having more “stuff” is pretty unappealing.  Last week, we were talking about that necklace, and after admitting he’d hoped it would have gotten him out of gift giving for a long time, he finally said pathetically “What DO you want for Christmas?”

I think I said nothing, but I’m sure there must be something out there I could find to ease his guilt.  Let’s take a look at my Etsy favorites.  There’s not much there right now, and a lot of it has sold, but there are some good choices.  Oh, I found a great one!

I know I came across Jenniethepotter a long time ago, because one of her items was in my old favorites list.  That item sold a long time ago, so I checked her shop out tonight.  Her stuff looked REALLY familiar.  I hadn’t looked at the name yet, but this mug just spoke to me.

I thought about some dishes I had seen at No Coast Craft-o-rama this year, and I wished that I could have some of those dishes in my collection.  Then I looked at the username of the person who made this delightful mug.  Lo and behold, it was the very same woman I saw at No Coast, and the location of Minneapolis confirmed it for me.

I think I need to become obsessed with Jenniethepotter now, because she doesn’t have nearly as much in her shop at the moment as would give her collection justice.  She had these adorable plates with balls of yarn and sheeps (yes, “sheeps”) on them.  Those would be great, but I think this sewing mug is even more appropriate for me, don’t you?


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