The importance of buying local

Last night on my local news of choice (I don’t watch the news, actually, but if I did, it would be WCCO), they did a feature on buying local.  Their question was whether or not it’s “green” to buy locally.  The greenness is under debate, but what is absolutely certain is that it’s incredible for the local economy.

What was great about the video was seeing my favorite store, I Like You, featured heavily.   Our very own Sarah is seen talking about her shop while people look around at all the wares.

If you haven’t yet, click here to watch the video.


December 20, 2007. Tags: , , , , , , , . announcements.


  1. christineone replied:

    I stopped by the shop this past weekend! Very nice!

  2. Felicia replied:

    Merry Christmas 🙂

  3. GreenSpaceGoods replied:

    I would argue that it is green to buy local. Whenever we purchase anything that is imported or even shipped across the country, we must consider the fuel used, the carbon emitted, and the packaging used to get an item to a store in our area. Buying local can significantly reduce all of those environmental impacts. I’m getting better about it. It is a difficult committment.

    Congrats on the gift cards- happy shopping!

  4. dangerkittydesigns replied:

    Actually, that was exactly what was addressed in the video clip. Is many, many small shipments around town really much more “Green” than one large shipment? The environmental impact is hard to quantify–you can speculate all the things you said, but they are having a hard time getting the numbers. Produce is one thing, locally made goods is another thing entirely.

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