Congrats Girl Savage!

Whenever I see an Etsy seller on Cute Overload I get excited.  1. It’s true there are some insanely cute things on Etsy. 2. It’s good for the whole of Etsy.

I saw Girl Savage’s feltidermy  on there yesterday, and the position is well deserved.  I have coveted the feltidermy for quite some time now.  The whole world is going to want her stuff now!  Prices will soar, and I will never get to hang a felt jackalope head on my wall.  Bummer.

I don’t think it’s purely coincidence that since the CO feature yesterday I have had a record number of visitors to this blog through a link on Girl Savages blog (link to the right, I’m running out of time).  So, thank you Girl Savage and thank you Cute Overload!  You both produce some awesome things, so keep up the good work.  And, you know, if you see fit to keep sending visitors my way, I certainly won’t complain! : D


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New product line for 2008

I can’t really say right now what this new product is… It’s still in the preliminary stages, but I can guarantee it will change your life.

The nice thing about collaborating with someone else in a business, as I started to do in September, is that you might have a really good idea, but all the pieces aren’t contained in your brain to make it a great idea.  But if there’s someone else to bounce ideas off of, there’s a far greater chance that those pieces will fall into place.

That’s exactly what happened Saturday afternoon/evening.  I went to teach ArtisticEdition how to make tote bags so that we could start creating matching totes to our Cozy Corset Cuffs.  One thing led to another, and we had an entirely new product line.  A product line even cooler than the matching tote, you ask?  Yes.  Oh, yes.

The only problem will be finding time for everything.  Either that, or getting up the nerve to quit our day jobs.  Crafting full time would be even harder work than supervising a fabric store, but it would be worth it.

Our new product will hit the proverbial shelves no later than April, but I suspect that early March will be their international launch date.

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The beginning of carpal tunnel?

Or something worse?

I was cutting ribbon into one inch pieces last night for my Cozy Corset Cuffs.  For every eight bits of ribbon, I marked a little line on a piece of paper so that I could keep track of how many cozies worth of ribbon I had cut (a total of 960 1-inch pieces of ribbon).  The problem was, every time I went to mark the paper, I had a bear of a time gripping the pen.  I felt like I was barely able to hold onto it; it took sheer force to actually make the mark on the paper.

This isn’t the first time I have had problems with this.  Even now, 10 hours later, I’m still having trouble closing my hands into a fist.  If it were just my right hand (and admittedly, it’s stronger in my right hand), I would chalk it up to cutting 960 bits of ribbon.  But I can’t grip my left hand either.  And I’ve had this happen when I haven’t cut anything at all.

I remember not long ago (no more than a couple weeks, but everything blends together lately) I was having thumb wars with my boyfriend, and I kept laughing and complaining that I couldn’t hold on to him.  There simply wasn’t enough strength in my hand to grip his.

I’m thoroughly convinced my body is falling apart.  I can think of way to many problems.  WAY too many.  I’m too young, as everyone tells me.  “You can’t have problems with your memory–you’re too young!”  “You can’t be so tired–you’re too young!”  “Your back can’t hurt–you’re too young!”  Bite me.  I can’t remember, I’m tired, and I hurt EVERYWHERE.  I feel like I’m complaining all the time, but there is literally something wrong all the time.  That’s just where it’s at.

Good thing I have a doctors appointment in a few days.  It’s about freaking time.  It’s a good thing we don’t have socialized medicine, or I would have had to wait forever to see a doctor.  Oh… wait!  They made me make my appointment TWO MONTHS in advance.  Ugh.

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Retiring an old friend…

If that old friend were a temperamental person  with a bladder issue.

My Rowenta Powerduo iron  has been leaking like a sieve for months now.  Not just a few drops here and there, but water literally pouring out of places I’m pretty sure water shouldn’t even be.  I grew tired of wasting time and water on a piece of junk that is supposed to be “high end.”  Thankfully I only paid $17.50 for this $70 iron.

Now I’ve gone back to my original iron… A $12 Black and Decker that served me well until I got the Rowenta.  It’s not as heavy as the Rowenta, and that’s a slight problem for me, but it’s a good little iron.  It gets the job done.  It emits a steady stream of steam, unlike my Rowenta, and it doesn’t leak one tiny bit.

After Craftstravaganza I will probably buy myself a new iron.  Probably a Black and Decker with a little more body if possible.  I just have to make sure my current Black and Decker can hold out until May.  It has a lot of hard work ahead of it.

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Gaining Acceptance

I just found out that I will be selling my headbands, tote bags, and Cozy Corset Cuffs at Craftstravaganza this year. April 26 at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds, Fine Arts Building. This will be my first MAJOR show (it’s on par with No Coast Craft-o-rama in the Twin Cities craft scene), so I’m definitely looking forward to what this could mean for my products. I will definitely have to keep busy now. Resting doesn’t seem to be an option at this point.

But then again, by February 9 I firmly intend to have approximately 160 cozies made. And that’s a lot. But at this point it seems doable. I have about 40 more to do the first sewing stage on, and I easily did more than that in an hour tonight. By the end of this week I’ll be moving into the ring stage, and from there it’s smooth sailing.

My stash will love that I have another sale coming up. If I can’t get them made for this first sale, I will definitely have some matching tote bags to go with my cozies. People will get a whopping $4 discount if they buy both the cozy and the bag. Then again, I only have three bags that I want to make for Handmaidens’ Make-Out sale, so that too is fairly doable.

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I sit here staring at a giant pile of thermolam inserts to Cozy Corset Cuffs waiting to be made, and I can’t help but remember I have a craft show in three weeks.  I have approximately 160 cozies cut out, and most of those need ironing before I can begin sewing.  I have also just realized I don’t have nearly enough ribbon to make 160 cozies, let alone some of the correct colors.

I really just need to get doing.  My electric blanket is making it hard to want to iron.  Warm and cozy versus cold and working?  I think the choice is pretty clear.  But if I want money monies, I have to make sacrifices, no?

So instead I’ll talk about knitting.  I’ve been learning how to knit recently, and after looking up some fingerless glove patterns (I almost wrote recipes… I’ve been cooking a lot lately), I realized something very import.

It’s Fair Isle.  Not a strange pronunciation of feral.  Honest to god, I thought the knitty gritty lady was just silly.  I thought it was feral because the yarn crosses around on the private side.  Like, it’s kind of wild?  No?  Fair Isle.  Crazy.

Seriously going to iron now.  Wish the boyfriend would message me so I could have an even better reason to procrastinate!

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When good sewers go bad.

Sew-ers, not sue-ers…

On Saturday ArtisticEdition and I got together for a little… adventure in sewing. We decided it would be a really good idea to try our hand at making sock monkeys. I’d never made a sock monkey before, and I’m not the biggest fan of sewing with knits, but I had a really great time.


My kitty Mister can sleep through anything, even a monkey on his back. My only complaint is that I find it really hard to keep polyfil from clumping. I tried everything. Everything. And the monkey is still lumpy.  Regardless, it was fun to break out of my sewing routine.  I do plan to make more monkeys, but they will be entirely for fun.
P.S. I love how this monkey makes me realize my white cat is more polar bear white and less snow white.

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Back into the swing of things

The holidays are over, I’m back from my vacation, I’m starting to get my work space cleaned up… That means it’s time to start working again.  I am already accruing a fine list of craft shows for 2008.  I’m already locked in (as much as anyone can be, I suppose) to  four shows (Feb, May, Oct, Dec), and I have a very good chance at at least two or three more (Apr, Jun, Dec).

I have been telling everyone that my 2008 resolution is to donate my hair (I’m chopping it all off in about 3 hours!) , but I think my true resolution is to stay on top of my craft.  With a potential of seven-plus craft shows and the Etsy shop, I need to be sewing just about every day.  Cleaning, too.  I can’t let myself get so disorganized. If anyone has any advice on time management and organization, please feel free to share it.

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