Back into the swing of things

The holidays are over, I’m back from my vacation, I’m starting to get my work space cleaned up… That means it’s time to start working again.  I am already accruing a fine list of craft shows for 2008.  I’m already locked in (as much as anyone can be, I suppose) to  four shows (Feb, May, Oct, Dec), and I have a very good chance at at least two or three more (Apr, Jun, Dec).

I have been telling everyone that my 2008 resolution is to donate my hair (I’m chopping it all off in about 3 hours!) , but I think my true resolution is to stay on top of my craft.  With a potential of seven-plus craft shows and the Etsy shop, I need to be sewing just about every day.  Cleaning, too.  I can’t let myself get so disorganized. If anyone has any advice on time management and organization, please feel free to share it.


January 7, 2008. Tags: , , , , , . announcements, crafting life.


  1. Rocketdog replied:

    Just remember that you might be busy babysitting (or sister-entertaining 🙂 ) come June and July!!!….start there. If nothing else, you can still her “zones” and modify it for your room or something…..

  2. dangerkittydesigns replied:

    Babies can operate rotary cutters, right?

  3. Rocketdog replied:

    About as well as their mommas….which is to say you should have band-aids nearby 😉

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