I sit here staring at a giant pile of thermolam inserts to Cozy Corset Cuffs waiting to be made, and I can’t help but remember I have a craft show in three weeks.  I have approximately 160 cozies cut out, and most of those need ironing before I can begin sewing.  I have also just realized I don’t have nearly enough ribbon to make 160 cozies, let alone some of the correct colors.

I really just need to get doing.  My electric blanket is making it hard to want to iron.  Warm and cozy versus cold and working?  I think the choice is pretty clear.  But if I want money monies, I have to make sacrifices, no?

So instead I’ll talk about knitting.  I’ve been learning how to knit recently, and after looking up some fingerless glove patterns (I almost wrote recipes… I’ve been cooking a lot lately), I realized something very import.

It’s Fair Isle.  Not a strange pronunciation of feral.  Honest to god, I thought the knitty gritty lady was just silly.  I thought it was feral because the yarn crosses around on the private side.  Like, it’s kind of wild?  No?  Fair Isle.  Crazy.

Seriously going to iron now.  Wish the boyfriend would message me so I could have an even better reason to procrastinate!


January 13, 2008. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , . crafting life.

One Comment

  1. Sarah replied:

    You rock at knitting, DangerKitty! You are inspiring!!!!

    Sarah 🙂

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