When life gives you lemons…

While lurking in the fora the other day, I came across a really interesting post.  Heatherfuture was talking about her latest adventures, and posted a link to her blog.

Project Lemon was received with a great interest from the Etsy crowd.  So much so, that Heather has started an entirely new blog to feature any Etsy seller (or blogger, I suppose) that documents any random acts of kindness they enact. As you can see, the acts of kindness are already starting to pour in.

My buddies and I have a plan of our own in the works.  As soon as this run of craft sales is over, we’re going to throw ourselves into it.  Etsy Acts of Kindness is icing on the cake–as soon as I read about Project Lemon, I emailed my friends to get the hamster wheels turning.

I’ll leave you with this lovely item from HeatherFuture…  Just one of the many gems in her Etsy shop:


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Where are the elves when you need them?


See that mess? That’s what I have to work on. Or, I should say, part of what I have to work on. Twenty bags, twenty four cozies. There are a few more bags cut out, but those are not currently in my possession. That picture looks confusing, allow me to clean that up a bit…


Much better. Bags on the right, cozies on the left. I Like You business cards in the middle and mess everywhere else. That’s how I roll. I’m reckless!

The question is… Who is going to sew all these for me? Yesterday marked the one month deadline until Craftstravaganza, and the next Handmaidens’ show is one week after that. I don’t even know if the product I have already plus this new product will be enough for both shows. I have absolutely no idea what to expect! I’m hoping for greatness, though, so let’s hope that selling out is my biggest problem! : D

The best thing about that picture is that you can imagine how much fabric I had to have started with.  The pile was maybe… just under two feet.  After cutting, I have ten measly pieces of fabric to put back in my Aneboda.  Ten.  I gotta tell you…. After I finish these two sales, I am SO going to want to go on a shopping spree!  But you know what that spree will be?  Taking samples of EVERYTHING left in Aneboda and finding things to match them.  Some of these fabrics are five years old, and that’s just plain unacceptable.

I should be sewing, but I think I’m going to dig through Aneboda a little first… Just to see what I got.

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Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year where it’s time to shift gears.  Sure, it’s snowing right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start our spring cleaning around here, does it?  It’s time to whittle down old inventory so we can make way for the new stuff.

There is currently a sale going on at The Cozy Corset Cuff shop where old stock is $2 off.  It would be a real shame to see those great cozies expire before finding a loving home, wouldn’t it?

I plan on doing the same thing at Danger Kitty Designs, but I’m going balls to the wall.  I’m discounting every headband, including anything new I list.  The new “inventory clean up” price will be $8.  This means I have to get my act together and photograph and edit.  Pretty sure it will be worth it, though.

So head on over and find some great deals.

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Indulging in myself…

I was tagged by fuzfrenzy for this little meme, but I’m afraid the buck stops here. I don’t know seven other bloggers (at least who haven’t already been tagged), so I won’t be tagging anyone, but I will gladly respond. So, may I introduce Seven Things About ME!

1. I use a shaving brush when I shave my legs.

2. Since switching to the shaving brush, I have cut myself more than I have previously in my entire life. I can’t explain this.

3. I can throw back an embarrassing amount of snow crab legs.

4. I’m addicted to Canadian Teenage Dramas (three links). God bless The N.

5. I eat popcorn approximately five days a week.

6. I feel guilty if I sleep past 8am. I still do it, but I feel horribly guilty.

7. I have toyed with the idea of a million professions. The only two I regret giving up are choir director (or voice instructor) and chef.

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Where have all the treasuries gone?

A few months ago, Etsy once again changed their limits on treasuries.  Now whenever I go to the treasury application, there are no fewer than 20 pages to sift through.  I just don’t have time anymore to look through 415 treasuries until I find the one that strikes my fancy.

I will try to bring back the artist feature segments, but that too requires work.  I will see, however, what I can do about it.

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No tags on this one…

Ugly cats of the world, I apologize for all of humanity.  Apparently there is a large number among us who get kicks from searching the internet for pictures of ugly cats.  It’s unfair to you that your picture is passed around the internet only to be laughed at.  I hope that you have been able to find the love you need in the “real world.”

Dear “Ugly cats” searchers of the world, I apologize for the lack of ugly cats on my blog.  Certainly you must not think Quasi is ugly.  There’s really no reason I should get a half a dozen people to my blog because they have searched for ugly cats. If you must laugh at cats, laugh at cats with bad grammar.  Oh, speaking of which, there are new ones.  Gotta go!

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No rest for the weary

It’s been a long, arduous day, but it was well worth every minute.  The 6am alarm clock got me off to work for a four hour shift, and then I rushed across the river for a brick and mortar blitz with Jenna and Sarah.

I’m happy to announce that you can find Danger Kitty Designs and The Cozy Corset Cuff  at Truly in White Bear Lake.

We visited a large number of stores today, so I will keep my faithful readers posted if there are any further developments.  For now, I’m taking a break from sewing and working more on my wrist warmers–they’ve been neglected.

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Looking back

You may remember that I’ve wanted to find a tea I will drink.

Well, I have!

World, meet Green Tea with Cherry.

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