Indulging in myself…

I was tagged by fuzfrenzy for this little meme, but I’m afraid the buck stops here. I don’t know seven other bloggers (at least who haven’t already been tagged), so I won’t be tagging anyone, but I will gladly respond. So, may I introduce Seven Things About ME!

1. I use a shaving brush when I shave my legs.

2. Since switching to the shaving brush, I have cut myself more than I have previously in my entire life. I can’t explain this.

3. I can throw back an embarrassing amount of snow crab legs.

4. I’m addicted to Canadian Teenage Dramas (three links). God bless The N.

5. I eat popcorn approximately five days a week.

6. I feel guilty if I sleep past 8am. I still do it, but I feel horribly guilty.

7. I have toyed with the idea of a million professions. The only two I regret giving up are choir director (or voice instructor) and chef.


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  1. Rocketdog replied:

    1. Me too
    2. Not me…I think I’ve been getting a better shave….even though I can barely reach my ankles anymore
    3. Mmmm….crab legs……..
    4. No comment….
    5. See #4
    6. I feel guilty if I get up before 8 (unless it’s a work day)…..if I get up that early, I’ll lose the afternoon napping!
    7. It’s not too late to be a chef, or a choir director for that matter.

    That is all 🙂

  2. dangerkittydesigns replied:

    I have a very legitimate reason for not being a choir director–I cannot and will never be able to play the piano. It would really just be too large of a handicap.

    If I become independently wealthy, I would consider going to culinary school. I don’t intend to acquire any more loans, however.

    I have a feeling we’re too much alike : D

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