Craftstravaganza Recap

Well, Craftstravaganza has come and gone, and I would like to think it was a success.

It was blasted cold, which didn’t seem to deter crowds from coming as much as deter them from stopping to look.  I hear that there were probably half as many shoppers there this year than last, but all things considered, Jenna and I did very well.

I think the cold actually hurt our cozy sales.  No one wanted to have anything come between them and the warmth of their hot drink!  We heard quite a few times that ours would be the most popular table if we had coffee to go with our cups.  Which was, you know, funny the first two or three times…  But, when it got busy, it got a little warmer, and we had a hard time keeping up with all the shoppers at our table at times!  I have to say, I was very thankful to have my table almost as far from the doors as possible.  We heard many times that it was quite a bit “warmer” in back than it was up front.  Really, though, it was just varying degrees of cold.  There were maybe a couple minutes when I was “comfortable,” and I have my parents to thank for that–two blankets were a serious necessity!  My feet never warmed up though, and it took a hot bath afterward to thaw them out.

We did get a chance to meet many new TeamMN members, and we got a few goodies in the process!  Thank you to everyone who came out and made the show a sucess despite the nasty weather.  Tomorrow I’ll post about the awesome things I bought (now that all the recipients have received them!).


April 28, 2008. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Sarah replied:

    Your booth was awesome!!! It looked great and I love the new displays especially. Spring Fling is going to be so fun!!!!!!

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