What I got…

It’s time to show off the lovelies I bought at Craftstravaganza!

It was between this and Crabby Pants, but this was deemed far more practical.  It’s bugs.  That stack.  Made out of flannel.  A word to the wise, however: this toy, if given as a present, should not be opened around a bunch of middle aged women.  They have dirty minds.  As a side note, I’d give my left arm for an adult sized pair of crabby pants.  Okay, maybe just my left pinky or something.  But I really, really want crabby pants.

The second I saw Orange Rhino I knew I had to have their onesies.  I also was kind of bummed that they only sell childrens clothes.  Honestly, people, grown ups want uber cute clothes too…  But what I liked best about them is that the clothing is gender neutral.  There’s no “flowers on pink” or “trucks on blue.”  Their blue onesies would be great for a boy or a girl.  Their designs (save, perhaps, the flowery bird) don’t scream one gender or another.

I purchased this one in brown.  And as we discovered when Rocketdog opened her present, it goes perfectly with this pair of pants I purchased on Etsy from littleoliveclothing a month ago–AND in the correct corresponding sizes!  I rule!


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  1. Sarah replied:

    Yay! I hope your Crabby Pants dreams come true. 🙂

  2. Jess replied:

    Hey Danger Kitty –

    Thanks for your compliments and purchasing one of our onesies – Craftstravaganza was a lot of fun (despite the frrreeeezing weather even indoors!) – were you a vendor too? I was working alone so wasnt able to make the rounds and shop myself this year.

    Fun to meet so many new people. We actually recieved a number of requests for adult tees so those may be part of our next run.

  3. dangerkittydesigns replied:

    Yup, I was a vendor. I snuck out a few times to buy some goodies : D

  4. Rocketdog replied:

    Babydog will be darn cute in the gender neutral onesies 🙂 I can’t wait!!!
    Yeah…and stacking bugs should just be given in private, or at least with mature adults. How embarrassing!!!!
    If you start a “crabby pants for adults” petition, I will SO sign it 🙂

  5. Critterbee replied:

    Thanks for mentioning us, we’re so happy you like the Stacking Bugs!

    We have definitely gotten a lot of feedback about adult-sized crabby pants. We considered it. but decided that adults wearing animal-themed sweatpants in public happened once and as we all know, it wasn’t pretty. 😉

    Thanks again!! See you around.

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