Feels like home

I once moved away–across the country, actually–and now I can’t seem to bring myself to ever leave again. I probably think about this more than most people, and I get quite nostalgic for things that are still quite near to me. I wanted to commemorate my home state on Etsy, but I really don’t feel like sitting around and waiting for the treasuries to open. Thank heavens for the poster sketch tool! May I present to you, Minnesota in Art:

If Adam Turman would list things on Etsy, he’d be in this “freasury” (that’s faux treasury…). But as it stands, you have yer studiolyon, XOHandworks, ARTitecture (x2), pumpkingirl, FriendlyMade (x2), westernartglass, NicsPics (x2), barefootphotos (x2), signedmjh, ELBfoto (x2), and kaelacusack.

There are two reasons there are so many duplicates up there. First, it’s not a real treasury–I’m not concerned with the chance I might get on the front page, and I can do whatever the heck I want! Second, there’s just not nearly enough Minnesota iconography on Etsy! So, Minnesota artists, let’s get to it! It doesn’t have to be a photo or a drawing of a landmark–just whatever reminds you of Minnesota!

Who’s with me?


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