September is National Sewing Month

And since there’s only one day of September left, I figured I should feature something I’ve sewn.  I would like to say that I made myself something (as opposed to sewing for “work”) in honor of said sewing month, but I really did it because I was tired of having the fleece sitting around on my craft table.

I found this amazing fleece, and after a little encouragement I decided to get it and make a jacket.  Since it’s a little on the… outrageous side, I decided the jacket should be reversible.

This is McCall’s M5252, selection C.  I modified the heck out of the length–rather haphazardly I might add–partially because I’m freakishly short, and partially because I accidentally bought enough fabric for a CHILD’S size jacket and not adult.  I mean, I knew I could get more, but I wanted to try to make it work, and make it work I did.

Until I tried to do the reverse.

It doesn’t look… terrible, I suppose.  But it looks handmade.  The interlock I chose for the reverse wasn’t as forgiving as the fleece, so wherever there were too many layers (specifically the pocket area around the zipper), everything started to go wonky.  It’s not as noticable in the photo, but the stitching gets really weird and snakey.  Then there was the little matter of my serger turning the chest into a wavey sea of stitches.  So I will probably never wear the “normal” side.  I’m just not thrilled with it.

But I love the elephant side, haha.  I got a ton of compliments at work, and my boyfriend didn’t make fun of it.  I think it passes the test.  And it’s CRAZY warm.  I finished it just in time for “below average” weather to set in.


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Long time coming…

I’ve been meaning to write about this since my birthday weekend (we’re pushing three weeks now), but better late than never, right?

I told anyone who asked that I didn’t want any presents.  I meant it.  But I got presents anyway, which is fine because I loved them all.  I got many sundry antique bakeware from my parents and an awesome can of nacho cheese.  If I told you the story behind the nacho cheese–or even why it was my favorite present–you’d all think I was crazy and I would lose any credibility I might have.

But I do have to tell about a really awesome present I got from someone who hadn’t heard about my “no presents” clause (Mostly I didn’t think about it, but I know telling her wouldn’t have stopped her anyway, because she’s pretty much awesome).  I met my good friend Sarah through Etsy at one of our old TeamMN meetings.  She has three shops on Etsy: CuriousSundries, MoonlightTreasures, and CreativeSundries (the original shop).

Due to my highly limited photo editing skills, this photo looks as if my hand may be magic, or at least not real.  I assure you it is.  I just suck at editing photos.

You can find awesome pendants like these in the Creative Sundries shop.

Why magic?  Even though it has been known to frustrate and even offend some people, whenever I’ve been asked how something was made or done, I always reply, “Magic.”  It became a running joke, even.  And it’s truly just a reflex now.

I wish I could “magic” my photo editing! haha

Thank you again, Sarah!!

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From my ipod

I feel like I need to switch all my blogging over to wordpress just so I can blog from my iPod whenever the moment catches me. Sadly, it’s something I’m actually considering.

Does this qualify as a sickness?

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Back in the kitchen

These last couple weeks have seen me back at my sewing machine in preparation for the Christmas season.  It occurs to me that to the regular world, September is too soon to be thinking about Christmas.  But I’ve been in the retail world for a large chunk of my life, and Christmas started a week or two ago (a couple months ago in fabric land).

When working so hard, it’s important to get enough fiber.  The easiest way I’ve found is to serve up a heaping helping of your scraps.  They will give you enough energy to get through even the longest of hauls in front of your machine.  Be sure to use scraps from many different kinds of fabric to get a varied portion of all your essential nutrients.

I personally prefer them at room temperature, but scraps are great hot or cold as well.  And it’s a perfect way to reduce the amount of waste you generate.  It’s just like the Native Americans using every part of the buffalo.

Isn’t it?

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*sings* My monkey and me

(To the tune of the old commercial for My Buddy)

I’ve been working on this little guy for months.  I have this awful habit of putting things off because my mind makes them out to be worse than they really are.  It’s a real pity, too, because whenever I think something is going to take a really long time, it ends up taking little time at all.

Of course, whenever I think something isn’t going to take much time at all, it always takes me at least twice as long to finish.  This happens in work and in life, and I find it frustrating.  If I anticipate how long something is going to take, I will inevitably be wrong.  Shoot too low, and I end up losing time.  Shoot too high, and I won’t do it at all.  Either way I lose.  Unless I have a definite deadline, I don’t work on things in anything resembling a timely manner.  Of course, sometimes when I do have a deadline, my work gets sloppy.  Just ask my sister. : /

Despite his long gestation (and despite the poor photo quality), I do think this little feller is pretty damn cute.  He is by no means perfect, as I’m still in the learning stages of sock monkey making.  Any suggestions are certainly welcome and celebrated.  Especially in the area of hand stitching.  That is NOT where I am a viking.

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