*sings* My monkey and me

(To the tune of the old commercial for My Buddy)

I’ve been working on this little guy for months.  I have this awful habit of putting things off because my mind makes them out to be worse than they really are.  It’s a real pity, too, because whenever I think something is going to take a really long time, it ends up taking little time at all.

Of course, whenever I think something isn’t going to take much time at all, it always takes me at least twice as long to finish.  This happens in work and in life, and I find it frustrating.  If I anticipate how long something is going to take, I will inevitably be wrong.  Shoot too low, and I end up losing time.  Shoot too high, and I won’t do it at all.  Either way I lose.  Unless I have a definite deadline, I don’t work on things in anything resembling a timely manner.  Of course, sometimes when I do have a deadline, my work gets sloppy.  Just ask my sister. : /

Despite his long gestation (and despite the poor photo quality), I do think this little feller is pretty damn cute.  He is by no means perfect, as I’m still in the learning stages of sock monkey making.  Any suggestions are certainly welcome and celebrated.  Especially in the area of hand stitching.  That is NOT where I am a viking.


September 3, 2008. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , . crafting life, handmade, pictures.


  1. Rocketdog replied:

    I think your monkey is trying to stare into my soul…..with his button-y blue eyes……

  2. dangerkittydesigns replied:

    Look deep into his eyes. Relax, let the calming sensation of the monkey wash over you.

  3. jesserino replied:

    He’s adorable! He can take over my brain, too!

  4. Sarah replied:

    Soooo cute, Chelsey! 🙂

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