Welcome to Suckville, population: Me.

Every so often a project comes along that makes me want to give up sewing all together.  I am, by nature, a quitter, and I would probably give up on just about everything given the chance.  However, three years ago, my boyfriend told me to just pick something to become obsessed with (“I recommend sewing,” he said) and run with it.  So I can’t very well give up on sewing.  Also, I would actually miss it.  I miss a lot of the other things I’ve given up on, but some of that is more regret than anything.

I wasn’t going to do a post on this item until after Christmas, but I truly, truly despise it.  I hate this project so much that I literally want to throw it away.  The idea of throwing it away makes me want to cry, because I’ve put a fair amount of work into it, and it’s really quite cute.  But the craftsmanship sucks.

I will say this much: I have my entire sewing life been fairly adamant that I’m not a quilter.  I’ve started quilts, talked about making quilts, I even help people plan quilts.  But I don’t finish them.  I’ve decided I don’t mind making the quilt top.  I’ve accepted this much.

See?  It’s a cute quilt.  Let’s ignore the fact that my top and my backing fabric don’t always match up.  That can be hidden and trimmed, right?  Right?  Maybe not.  What do I know?  I’m not a quilter.  I feel confident that these words should go on my headstone: She was not a quilter.  For proof that I am not a quilter, I feel the need to reiterate that I hate hand sewing.  A lot.  I hand sew the small bits on sock monkeys, and that’s about all I have the patience for.  That being said…

This is really one of the better corners.  I could correct the piss-poor mitering if not for the errant stitching you see about 1/4″ from the corner.  That’s from stitching the other side of the binding in place.  Remember, I don’t hand sew, and I’m sure as hell not going to hand sew an entire quilt binding.  I’ve known some people who find that process relaxing, and more power to them, but I find it frustrating and tedious.  Oh, no thank you.

I honestly don’t know what more to say about this.  I guess it’s up to Rocketdog now.  I don’t think I can rip out the binding again.  I’ve done it once already.  Sadly, this is the better of the two attempts.  I know it’s a joke that she always ends up with my prototypes, and my prototypes usually have some problems, but I feel really bad about this one.  I feel bad that what could potentially be my niece’s blankey is so poorly stitched.  I can safely say, however, that this will not be a Christmas present.  I feel like Christmas presents should be more special than this.

And I just realized that I really need to rethink the quilt I was going to make for my bofriend’s mother.  Is Christmas over yet?  For the record, everything else I’m making it’s 100% tried and true.  I’ve made them before, successfully, and I feel confident I can make them again.


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  1. jesserino replied:

    Making quilts sucks! The one I actually completed looks waaaaaaaay worse than this, so don’t worry! I have all the pieces cut out for another, and some of the blocks sewn together, but looking at it makes me want to vomit, so all the pieces are stashed for “later, when I get motivated to work on it.” I’m sorry, fabric.

  2. dangerkittydesigns replied:

    So glad I’m not alone in this. All I’ve been able to think about is the other quilt I started (okay, okay, it was five years ago………) and how I’ll NEVER be able to finish it now!

  3. rocketdog replied:

    Just thought I’d share that Rocketpuppy stopped fusing when she saw the pictures of the quilt 🙂 She loves blankeys of any kind!

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