Not any more than usual…  I’m taking a very small break from my sewing schedule to show of one of my favorite sights.  It’s utterly simple, but to me it’s heartwarming.

I try to be an energy conservationist, I really do, but my machine light often goes overlooked, especially if I plan to sew when I come back from wherever I went.  So as I turn the corner into my room, I feel a little gooshy when I see my way illuminated by my machine.  It’s really comforting on these evenings when the sun goes to bed at such an unreasonable hour (yet refuses to get up early to make up for it).  It’s a little like those commercials that end “We’ll leave the light on for ya’,” which would be an exceptional ad campaign if only I could remember the hotel chain.

I would also like to point out how much I appreciate my MacBook.  I uploaded a ton of pictures just now, some of which I took back in August.  My old Dell never would have told me I took them in August, but my MacBook is seriously on top of things.  Not only that, but it didn’t lump them all into one blob; each photo session was magically grouped together.  I am impressed by you, Apple.  I will never doubt you again, so please do your best not to fail me.

Back to work!


October 29, 2008. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , . pictures.

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  1. 1120kat replied:

    random tidbit – it’s the Motel 6 ad 🙂

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