Create Overload

I’m beginning to think I have a serious problem. I have a bad case of the don’t want to do its. I keep thinking up a hundred different things I want to do instead of working on product for my No Coast/Handmaidens weekend or even Christmas presents.

I have four bags, ten cozies, and twelve wallets cut out and waiting for assembly.

I have no fewer than twelve presents I would like to make. In fact, I only have one present made and one cut out. Some of them are really quite easy.

And yet, I would like to make a hat, a skirt, a secret bag, homemade bagels, red velvet cupcakes… I keep saying, “after Christmas,” but the pull is ridiculously strong. So strong, in fact, that I’m writing this entry on my iPod from work.

It’s all I can think about! I can’t even focus on all the fabric I need to find a home for…


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I Like You… I do.

I truly love my trips to I Like You.  I always enjoy catching up on gossip with Sarah and shooting the breeze with Angela.  They’re two rad ladies I feel blessed to have in my life, and not just because their craft sales tend to make me a fair chunk of change.

I stopped over today to drop off some ornaments for their holiday show and pick up cards to hand out to everyone I know (and if you’re reading this, and I don’t give you a card, you’d better head to the sale mentioned in that linked blog, or I will cry… seriously).  I was in the truck when I thought “Gee, I may never see these ornaments again.  I should take pictures of them.”  Hopefully I will never see these ornaments again, anyway.  I would like for them to sell!  So without further pomp or circumstance, I present to you… your dinner.  I mean, the ornaments.


I’m feeling more confident about my color correcting on this Mac.  At least my pictures don’t look completely fake anymore.  Moving on…




The star is my favorite, but the tree is growing on me.  Who doesn’t love a pink Christmas tree?  Right?

All four can be found at I Like You sometime around the Saturday after Thanksgiving when they are having their fabulous holiday party.  It’s the last party before they move locations, so I feel it’s necessary every cool kid in the world goes.  Or at least in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Yes, this post is a thinly veiled attempt to put off working; why do you ask?  Look, it’s really f-ing cold up here!  Cut me some slack!  Plus all I’m doing right now is cutting, and cutting is probably the most dreaded part of any sewing project.

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It’s not too late…

Large Logo



** Click on the “Save $2 OFF” to enter our shop. **


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Old Yellow Robe


I read once that when you work from home, you should make it like work.  Get up, take a shower, get dressed, have set hours and all that.  Frankly, I’m from the “I don’t get dressed unless I’m leaving the house” camp.  While I don’t work from home, per se, but my day off (I get two, but usually on is Sunday, and that’s Hippy Day) is (in theory) supposed to be spent sewing.

While I’m going out later tonight, I’ve pretty much decided I’m going to be sewing in plaid pants, a cami, and my yellow robe.  I really hope that’s not a problem for the rule people.  I don’t own bunny slippers, but as it’s cold in my house, I will probably end up wearing my ducky socks at some point today.

At least I’ll be working, right?  Just as soon as I finish off those mac n cheese bites…..

ETA: I just had a serious debate with myself over whether I should watch Martha or start sewing.  Then I realized I could do both because Martha doesn’t require digital cable.  Ducky socks and Martha Stewart… Could this day get any better?

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Mo’ Baggy, Mo’ Problem


Three different bags and three different hours… Each one presenting their own challenges.  I can’t tell you how many of these totes I’ve made.  Yet, I always seem to come up with a way to be entirely inconsistant in what happens when I make them.

Let’s start with bag on on the left.  Somehow decided to topstich a different distance from the edge of the strap than I usually do.  The result looked… stupid, so I felt I had no choice but to tear out all 30″ of stitching.  FUN!  A half hour bag took me an hour, and I ended up with a headache.  Great way to start out my afternoon of sewing.

The bag in the middle is actually bag three, but the lining on that one ended up being slightly bigger than the outside.  I had a feeling this was the case, but I didn’t really feel like taking the time to really check or to fix it.  When it got to hole stitching time, I had a yuck-fest of a messy hole (note to self, never, ever say that again).  I’ve had this problem before… for some reason I always either set the bag aside never to be looked at again, or I’ve ripped out the stitching and fixed the size.  Turns out I can usually (unless it’s really off) fix it from said hole without even returning the fabric.  And fix I did.  It’s still not 100%, and I’m feeling rather meh about the bag.

Bag two, on the right, was nearly perfect.  It’s a beautiful bag, if I do say so myself (and I do).  As I was topstitching, I got 9″ from my starting stitch and POOF!  Out of bobbin thread.  I used to swear a lot when that happens, but I’m trying to grow more Zen (especially behind the wheel, but that’s a post for another blog).  I just roll with the punches now and plow forward.  What stung the most about this one, however, was the fact that if I hadn’t messed up the top stitching on the previous bag, I would have had more than enough thread to successfully finish.

Two more bags to make for No Coast, and then I feel like I should start focusing on Christmas presents.  Or maybe I should make some wallets for No Coast.  We’ll see how I feel next week!

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