Create Overload

I’m beginning to think I have a serious problem. I have a bad case of the don’t want to do its. I keep thinking up a hundred different things I want to do instead of working on product for my No Coast/Handmaidens weekend or even Christmas presents.

I have four bags, ten cozies, and twelve wallets cut out and waiting for assembly.

I have no fewer than twelve presents I would like to make. In fact, I only have one present made and one cut out. Some of them are really quite easy.

And yet, I would like to make a hat, a skirt, a secret bag, homemade bagels, red velvet cupcakes… I keep saying, “after Christmas,” but the pull is ridiculously strong. So strong, in fact, that I’m writing this entry on my iPod from work.

It’s all I can think about! I can’t even focus on all the fabric I need to find a home for…


November 20, 2008. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , . crafting life.


  1. Tracy Lee replied:

    Sometimes you just have to be “bad” to get the “bad” out of your system. Make cupcakes and while they bake, see how many products you can assemble.

  2. LaRue replied:

    I agree with Tracy. And then you will have finished products AND cupcakes. A win-win.

    And if you need a home for any fabric, well, I will always take in strays.

  3. DK replied:

    I would bake cupcakes, but I lack some key ingredients… namely food coloring and cream cheese. Baking would require leaving the house, and I’m determined not to do that until this evening. Maybe my dear sister will want to bake, provided we can keep her daughter calm.

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