52 Stash Clean-Up

Starting next week I will begin my New Year’s Resolution.  If I get things set up sooner, I will try to start before Sunday, but I’m not holding my breath.  My goal is this:  To make one item (at least) a week using only fabric from my stash.  Notions, of course, are fair game, but the fabric must be old.  I have many anticipated effects from this resolution.  I will hopefully save money since I won’t feel the need to buy more–it would go against the very nature of the resolution.  I will clean up my stash, and therefore simplify my life.  I will have a quaranteed blog post once a week.


To keep me on track, I really think I’m going to need a list.  I’ve started, briefly, thanks to my trusty notebook and lucky pen (stole it from The Hippy because it’s awesome… he got another one).  There will be repeats of items–I have a lot of fabrics for skirts, for example, and I have my new bag line planned which is perfect for this resolution.  I almost think I need a calendar–one of those giant desk calendars would be perfect.  I think it’s the only way I won’t let a week pass by without my noticing.  Having a set day to specifically work on the 52 Stash Clean-Up will help too.

I’m pretty sure if I accidentally miss a week I will need to make two the next.  Which means I need to make sure I don’t miss more than one week at a time!  Since I’m not cool enough to take true vacations, I’m pretty sure this won’t be too much of a problem.  During craft show time, it just means that I make products using my stash.  Perhaps gifts will also have to come from the stash, but I’m not sure if that’s tacky.

I think I might also keep track of how long I go without buying fabric.  It could be interesting to see if I make it more than a month.  Like dieting, I’d really like the output to be far greater than the input.  So… If anyone would like something made, feel free to dig through my stash.  I’ve got a lot of weeks to fill!


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The Christmas Before the Resolution

I had every intention of taking pictures of everything I made for Christmas. Some things didn’t translate well into photograph form (but I’ve been assured I’m getting a photo area at the new house! weeee!), but I also just plain forgot to take pictures before wrapping some. Namely, The Hippy’s.

Let’s start with the ill-fated BILOSORD jacket so that it isn’t the last thing you see….


I’m reasonably certain it isn’t actually that lop-sided.  The good news is, I have to take the zipper out anyway.  Why?  Because I put it in backward, that’s why.  Because this jacket was the jacket from hell, despite it being the third one I’ve made.  I understood the first one being a pain, but the third?  I’m happy to report the fourth went off without so much as a hitch, but that is one I wrapped before shooting.  It did end up a little short in the back, but that has more to do with the fact that it’s too fat for The Hippy than anything else.  I should have made the small, since that’s what I wear and he’s smaller than me….  But I know his penchant for drowning in his clothes.  Still, he refuses to let me take it in,  all the better, because I don’t feel like it. ; )

Jacket Number Two (in this post AND in real life):


You only get to see half because blaze orange is a bitch to photograph.  I’m pretty sure my camera started crying.  But this jacket is fully reversible so my dad can wear the camo out on the town (okay, in his recliner like he’s doing right now…), and the blaze orange while sitting in his deer stand.  Two layers of fleece.  Yum.  So warm.

More fleece!  Yay!


I am all about the reversible, natch.  My dad is three things: A Submarine Vet, “a bit of an eagle nut”*, and always cold.  These two panels lept out at me and demanded to be made one.  I believe his exact words were, “Wow!”

Not fleece:


Pants for my mom.  Pant-sies.  Heh.  Heh.  No?  I’d wax poetic further on these, but, well they’re just pants.  They were easy to make.  They’re cute.  What more can I say?

I’ll just show more pictures…  Of pants.


Rocketdog and I are like twins that had some weird almost-eight-year separation.  We like a lot of the same things, so I felt pretty certain she’d like these.  I thought the photo turned out better, but those are cows.  Both pants are made from Debbie Mumm fabrics.  I’m not typically a fan of hers, but I liked these prints well enough.

I also made a space blanket and fleece jacket for The Hippy and a boppy cover and softbook for Rocket Puppy.  Though I’m pretty sure the gift that went over the best was a bag of Chocolate Marshmallow Mateys.  C’est la vie.

Next up: New Year’s Resolution.

*This is an approximate quote from the Minneapolis Star Tribune about my dad.  My parents had an eagle on a liberty bell carved out a tree that had to come down (damn dutch elm!).  Eagles are a common sight in their home decor these days.  Now I gave him seven more 🙂

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X-Mas X-Post!

My present to myself today (you know, other than the new sewing machine… *whistles innocently*(*cough* and the crock pot*cough*)) is to go easy on the blogging.  So I’m cross posing, suckas!


Merry Christmas to all my readers and anyone who happens to stumble on this mess.  I hope you eat your fill and get everything you wanted and nothing you didn’t.  I also hope you get many pleasant surprises, because those are the best.

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New Look

You’ll notice the new theme for my blog.  It’s been changed to conform with the look of my new website–to be unveiled after Christmas sometime as The Hippy and I find more time to work on it.


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Lazy, Desperate, Stubborn, Economical, Genius

I feel like that’s the best way to describe the following photo.  The back story: I was running out of black thread and still had many things to make needing black thread.  I kept thinking “I should buy thread” and either forgetting or just downright deciding I just didn’t want to.  Then I decided I actually had plenty of black thread laying around, and I didn’t need to buy any.  But it’s serger thread (cone thread).  Cone thread tends to require a special apparatus to use with a regular sewing machine.


But I started thinking to myself that my serger is but one giant cone thread holder.  Silly DK.  I’m sure this is incredibly obvious to many sewers, but it seemed like such a fantastic idea to me.

Click the photo for full-sized

Click the photo for full-sized

And I’m happy to say it worked like a complete and utter charm.  Which means I will be using serger thread as much as possible from here on out.

It is also somewhat bittersweet for me to report that this will very likely be the last photo of my darling Janome.  After years of pining, I decided it was finally time to upgrade.  I will unveil the new guy after the move, most likely.  Stay tuned!

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Lack of… everything

I have made the decision not to post any of the presents I’m making.  While there’s a very good chance my dad, brother-in-law, and boyfriend will read this blog, I kind of want the presents to be a surprise for all involved.  I don’t want Christmas to feel like a repeat for Rocketdog when everyone opens their presents.  Oh!  Merry Christmas!  I already knew you were getting that!

And since Christmas presents are all I’m allowing myself to work on for the next week, we’ll have to go just a little bit longer.  I promise I will take pictures of everything, and that should tide you over until the new year when I unleash my amazing new Resolution Extravaganza!  It will be one year of awesomeness.  I promise.  It will be amazing. Ha.

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I make no apologies…

My friends and family get homemade gifts.  That’s just how life is.  The Minneapolis Star Tribune seems to have a problem with this.  The print version is even more snarky against handmade Christmas presents.

My reasons for giving handmade gifts are varied and plentiful.  To name a few: I’m po’, I get a good discount on supplies and I know when I shop, no one I know needs more “stuff” and handmade stuff has a tendency to be useful, it means more (to me, anyway) than any dollar amount spent.

I am frightened by how much people spend at Christmas.  I hear so many people say they’re going into debt buying presents.  Why?  Frankly, if your cousin is pissed off that you didn’t spend $100 on her, she shouldn’t get a present.  Period.  I’ve spent less that $200 total this Christmas.  And I don’t feel like I’m being stingy.  I think I’m giving some pretty awesome gifts.

Homemade presents don’t always work out like I hope, but by the time the next Christmas has rolled around, I can pretty much guarantee I’m the only person who remembers or even notices.  If someone wants to call me on them, I invite them to.  I want to finish anything left unfinished or fix anything that needs fixing.  But if I’d bought a present that broke or I needed to go back for something more that I didn’t make, I wouldn’t be able to guarantee I could follow through.  I work retail; I know how quick the change over is.

People do get bought gifts too.  Sometimes these bought gifts are handmade, sometimes not.  I can’t make everything, and every once in awhile I find that perfect gift that I just have to get.  But honestly, if someone was snide about me making them a present, they’d be written off my gift-giving list entirely.  Chances are, they wouldn’t be happy with anything I bought either.

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Better late than never!

Sorry I’m so late in getting this up–hope you can still make it!

On Sunday, December 7th, we will be selling at The Handmaidens’ Minneapolis Craftmas Show. Our booth will be located on the main level against the wall. Click here for more information.



The sale will be held at the Ballentine VFW from 10am-5pm. 2916 Lyndale Ave. So, Minneapolis, MN. Hope to see you there!


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If you read both blogs, I’m sorry you’re seeing this twice.

I’m in brain overload right now trying to appease a lonesome Hippy, work, craft-work, craft-not-work, and see friends.  I have many, many things I’ve wanted to blog about, including a few drafts I’ve started on my Ipod at work, but this is all I can muster for today.  I hope you can forgive me.  Please enjoy this lovely photo (different in each blog so as to keep things interesting).



I promise I will recover this couch soon.

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Fun-Filled Weekend!


Midtown Exchange

2901 Chicago Avenue S. Minneapolis, MN 55104

Get Directions



map1Click Here To See Full Vendor List!


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