I make no apologies…

My friends and family get homemade gifts.  That’s just how life is.  The Minneapolis Star Tribune seems to have a problem with this.  The print version is even more snarky against handmade Christmas presents.

My reasons for giving handmade gifts are varied and plentiful.  To name a few: I’m po’, I get a good discount on supplies and I know when I shop, no one I know needs more “stuff” and handmade stuff has a tendency to be useful, it means more (to me, anyway) than any dollar amount spent.

I am frightened by how much people spend at Christmas.  I hear so many people say they’re going into debt buying presents.  Why?  Frankly, if your cousin is pissed off that you didn’t spend $100 on her, she shouldn’t get a present.  Period.  I’ve spent less that $200 total this Christmas.  And I don’t feel like I’m being stingy.  I think I’m giving some pretty awesome gifts.

Homemade presents don’t always work out like I hope, but by the time the next Christmas has rolled around, I can pretty much guarantee I’m the only person who remembers or even notices.  If someone wants to call me on them, I invite them to.  I want to finish anything left unfinished or fix anything that needs fixing.  But if I’d bought a present that broke or I needed to go back for something more that I didn’t make, I wouldn’t be able to guarantee I could follow through.  I work retail; I know how quick the change over is.

People do get bought gifts too.  Sometimes these bought gifts are handmade, sometimes not.  I can’t make everything, and every once in awhile I find that perfect gift that I just have to get.  But honestly, if someone was snide about me making them a present, they’d be written off my gift-giving list entirely.  Chances are, they wouldn’t be happy with anything I bought either.


December 10, 2008. Tags: , , , , , , , . crafting life.


  1. rocketdog replied:

    So is this your way of saying you aren’t getting me a Wii?

  2. DK replied:

    Sorry kid! Maybe someday we can have joint custody of a Wii.

  3. Theresa B replied:

    I whole-heartedly agree. Giving handmade gifts can be sketchy because people’s styles and tastes are so different – it might be a little disappointing if they don’t use the item, but like you say, the creator enjoyed the creating anyway. Plus, how awesome is it for both people when the recipient loves it?! Mark my words; we will change capitalism!

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