Wreck This Journal 02/27/09

I’m still rather nervous about breaking into my journal.  I resist doing things at random.  I resist even more being told to magically come up with something.  When someone asks me to tell them a story, I go blank.  Even if someone said “come up with a color/number/animal,” I’d stare at them dumbfounded.

Ever the cop-out, I decided to try this page, thinking it would be easy as pie:

Crack the Spine

Crack the Spine

Let me preface this by saying I only buy used books (apparently with the exception of this one).  My reasons are many, but include being poor and being hard on my books.  I currently have a book in my bag that’s covered in drips of soda.  Oops.  I am no stranger to a cracked spine, is what I’m trying to say.  I like my books to be warn in and loved.

This, apparently, has dulled my ability to crack a spine.  Either that, or this is one amazingly made book.  Probably both.  The spine -maybe- bent a little.  But crack it did not.

Mind the mess the Hippy left after cleaning out his car

Mind the mess the Hippy left after cleaning out his car

The book, however, does now remain partially open at all times, which I’m going to consider a small success.  Hopefully the spine will crack more over time.  If not, I want my money back.

Did my best to keep the mess out of this one

Did my best to keep the mess out of this one

Since I know that’s not a proper “wreck,” I decided to take on another page.  One marked “Scribble wildly, violently, with reckless abandon.”  Eep!  Reckless abandon?  Have you met me?  I need plans.  Order.  I draw out everything that needs “placement” before I ever begin working. *hyperventalating*

Oh, get over yourself, DK…

Violently, indeed.  My pen left holes

Violently, indeed. My pen left holes

I plan to revisit this one on a regular basis, actually.  It demands more colors, and I think it’s a rather good way for me to let go.  It’s not about looking pretty; it’s about getting the willies out of you.


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I’m into secrets lately…

Woeful Wednesday went me a link to a Mystery Post Sew Along at Lola Again. Being a bag maker and also someone who apparently needs divine intervention to get her ass sewing again, I’ve decided to take the opportunity to play along.


I pretty much have everything on the supplies list, so we’re good to go. I wonder if I will be able to anticipate what the bag will look like. It sounds like it’s going to be bigish, which is good. I’ve been meaning to make myself a big bag. I will probably end up making myself two big bags, though, because I have a design of my own I want to try.

Don’t forget!  Sunday is the last day to sign up for my giveaway game.

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Beware the Rotary Cutter

We are asked constantly at work why we don’t use rotary cutters. The answer to that is because they KILL!  All around awesome gal Larue chopped open her thumb with a rotary cutter, prompting oh so many rotary cutting memories for me. (We are also asked why we don’t use electric scissors, and the answer to that is that things don’t always work the way infomercials would have us believe.)


Rocketdog and I were chillin’ at my store one day when my all time least favorite regular came up to us and decided to give us unsolicited advice on using rotary cutters.  She told us to be very careful with rotary cutters (we weren’t even TALKING about rotary cutters) because she just had to get stitches because she nearly cut off the side of her finger.  Then she proceeded to show us her finger.  Not necessary.  She’s my least favorite regular because she’s an insufferable cuss, but that interaction cemented her unpleasantness in my brain. (For the record, she’s been threatening to “never shop at our store again” for the last 5 years, and yet she keeps… coming… back.)


For years I’ve been toying with the idea of getting Rocketdog the Fons and Porter Klutz glove.  I haven’t done it because I don’t want her to actually think she’s my slave.  She’s been a huge help to me when I need all sorts of crap cut out, and I’m quite grateful for that.  She does, however, have an odd way of holding the rotary cutter/ruler that makes me nervous every time she uses them.

The last time I made her cut, I was joking that we had bandaids (something she likes to say whenever I need to touch her evil cat) in case she did cut herself with her haphazard method.  It wasn’t long before she needed a bandaid.  But it wasn’t because of the way she holds things.

See, I was sitting across from her on the floor and I had set my cutter down on the mat.  She was telling some sort of story (I’m sure) which required flailing arm movements.  Or maybe she was just shaking out her hands to revive them from all the cutting.  Whatever the case, she ended up hitting my blade and slicing open her finger.

You see that little orange button on the side of the cutter up there?  That retracts the blade.  It’s a button I rarely (if ever) used to push in the past.  Trust me.  I push it now, regardless of whether someone is around.  I do NOT need that n my conscience again!

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New Feature: Wreck This Journal

Because clearly the Wii wasn’t enough, I felt the need to treat myself to a book.  Actually, I bought this before the Wii, and it was less than $10 with shipping, so we’re good.


It says "Start here" in the corner, so I did

I fell in love with Wreck this Journal by Keri Smith a few months ago when I saw it on another blog.  Can’t for the life of me remember which, so for that I apologize.  I haven’t gotten any further than the corner because I’m a little nervous, but also excited.  Maybe someday I will blog about why the phrase “nervous, but also excited” amuses me so.  Maybe.

Before I start posting my own “wrecks,” you can see what other people have been doing to this book here.   I’m reluctant to spend too much time looking at those, because I would rather not be influenced.  I will try to add one page a week.

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A long time coming…

And by that I mean a week.

MN Etsy Team member SkylarkDawn posted on her blog a little meme I’ve been wanting to put up, and I figured there was no time like the present:


You have to be crafty and willing to make and ship three handmade gifts

You must have a blog that you post to regularly

Here’s how it works

I will randomly select three people to receive a handmade gift set from me. Those selected will then have to post this game on their blog, offering a handmade item(s) of their own to three people and so on.  The gifts will likely be random, but if I decide on a set gift, I will announce it here.

To enter

Leave a comment with your name and blog by March 1st.

Coming soon: An actual post about something actually creative.  However, see the other blog to find out why I’m so incommunicato.

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A Caveman Could Do it…

I’m going to pretend I didn’t just say that.  The other evening I was without internet.  So I did a little bit of sewing.  I can’t remember where I read about someone making their own infomercial draft-dodger, so I feel terrible that I can’t give them credit.  But I picked up some nylon and some pipe insulators and went to town.


I’ll admit.  It was hastily done.  It was merely a trial run.  I made two and learned quite a bit from doing so.  They could be a little smaller.  I don’t know where I went wrong with my math, but the fabric could be narrower.  Instead of a 9in tube, I would do 8in.  I would maybe not use nylon because it’s butt ugly.  But it’s not absorbent, so that’s a plus.  Of course, I finished this just in time for things to warm up!


Not that I’m complaining.  I will certainly take warmer over colder any day.  But no matter what, I’m covered.  In the summer, our A/C will stay inside better thanks to my ingenius, yet crappy sewing job.

It is literally just a tube.  I sewed three edges, turned right sides out, then inserted the pipe covers.  I sewed a line down the center of the tube.  Because I cut things too short, the ends are sealed really, really poorly.  Barely at all, actually.  So, yeah, I’d do that differently.

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Mad Hatter

I had a meeting today with some lovely ladies of the Minnesota Etsy Street Team, and I know at least one of them has been instrumental in convincing me I can wear hats.  And when I became obsessed with the idea of making a hat right at the time I needed to be sewing for everyone but me, she walked a fine line between encouraging me to keep working on presents and telling me to just make the damn hat already.

So as I was washing dishes this morning, I decided I would set out to get a hat done before the meeting.  Even if it meant leaving the rest of the dishes and all the laundry until after the meeting.  And not getting my grocery shopping done….  But it was worth it.


It’s made of brown classic twill and a pink, brown, and white striped calico.  In theory it’s reversible, but I’m not really the pink, brown, and white striped hat kind of gal.  I followed this super simple tutorial, though next time I would make a few tweaks.  The only tweaks I made this time around is putting the lining on the brim (or peak, as she calls it) instead of just using the twill and I didn’t put a button on top (as I didn’t have any, and wasn’t sure how well twill would work with the covered buttons I have).


Can someone please tell me what 90s icon had a hat that resembled this picture?  All I can think of is Dwayne Wayne, but those were flip up glasses….  I feel there was a rapper with a neon hat with a turned brim…  Anyway.  The hat is a little tight, so I just need to tweak the size for next time.  Maybe that will also help with the elf-ear issue it appears to be giving me.  Still, overall, I love this hat to pieces, and I can’t wait to make more.

(I don’t have any other finished or exciting projects from the previous weeks of the year, but as far as my stash bash goes, I’ve gotten rid of three pieces of fabric so far.)

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Infinite Hehe

From WoefulWednesday and Icanhascheezburger:

My love of LOLCats is endless...

My love of LOLCats is endless...

I feel like that could become a submantra for me…

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Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, or Do Without

Allow me to introduce Jane, the newest member of my sewing family.


Husqvarna Platinum 755Q

I’ve been feeling low about Jane the last couple of weeks because I’ve been wanting to throw in the sewing towel for the last couple of weeks.  I feel like I can’t get anything right, and Jane is the only thing keeping me plugging along (that and the knowledge that I’d never really be able to give up, as I’ve mentioned before).  I mean, why spend that money if I’m not going to use her, right?

I’m happy to say that Jane has redeemed herself today.  I plan to uphold that mantra in my title to the best of my ability, and Jane will help me do that.  Jane has stitch 1:26.


Sure, it doesn’t look like much…  But that button is making it possible for me to keep wearing my work pants after my Saturday Accident.  It also mended my other work pants that were hurting thanks to my fat thighs.

I had a good knee pun while I was sewing...  Lost it.

I had a good knee pun while I was sewing... Lost it.

These will need more fixing, I'm sure...

These will need more fixing, I'm sure...

I realize I’m rather lame for getting so excited about this.  But it’s a nice alternative to iron on patches.  And now I can get back to actual sewing.  I really hope to have an actual project to share soon….

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