A Caveman Could Do it…

I’m going to pretend I didn’t just say that.  The other evening I was without internet.  So I did a little bit of sewing.  I can’t remember where I read about someone making their own infomercial draft-dodger, so I feel terrible that I can’t give them credit.  But I picked up some nylon and some pipe insulators and went to town.


I’ll admit.  It was hastily done.  It was merely a trial run.  I made two and learned quite a bit from doing so.  They could be a little smaller.  I don’t know where I went wrong with my math, but the fabric could be narrower.  Instead of a 9in tube, I would do 8in.  I would maybe not use nylon because it’s butt ugly.  But it’s not absorbent, so that’s a plus.  Of course, I finished this just in time for things to warm up!


Not that I’m complaining.  I will certainly take warmer over colder any day.  But no matter what, I’m covered.  In the summer, our A/C will stay inside better thanks to my ingenius, yet crappy sewing job.

It is literally just a tube.  I sewed three edges, turned right sides out, then inserted the pipe covers.  I sewed a line down the center of the tube.  Because I cut things too short, the ends are sealed really, really poorly.  Barely at all, actually.  So, yeah, I’d do that differently.


February 13, 2009. Tags: , , , , . crafting life, handmade, pictures.

One Comment

  1. The Cheap Chick replied:

    Lucky us, the weather turned bitterly cold, so your draft dodger is perfect! Oh wait…

    Anywho, it looks very useful and energy-saving, and it’s on the floor by the door, so who cares if it’s perfect or not? Good job by you!

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