Beware the Rotary Cutter

We are asked constantly at work why we don’t use rotary cutters. The answer to that is because they KILL!  All around awesome gal Larue chopped open her thumb with a rotary cutter, prompting oh so many rotary cutting memories for me. (We are also asked why we don’t use electric scissors, and the answer to that is that things don’t always work the way infomercials would have us believe.)


Rocketdog and I were chillin’ at my store one day when my all time least favorite regular came up to us and decided to give us unsolicited advice on using rotary cutters.  She told us to be very careful with rotary cutters (we weren’t even TALKING about rotary cutters) because she just had to get stitches because she nearly cut off the side of her finger.  Then she proceeded to show us her finger.  Not necessary.  She’s my least favorite regular because she’s an insufferable cuss, but that interaction cemented her unpleasantness in my brain. (For the record, she’s been threatening to “never shop at our store again” for the last 5 years, and yet she keeps… coming… back.)


For years I’ve been toying with the idea of getting Rocketdog the Fons and Porter Klutz glove.  I haven’t done it because I don’t want her to actually think she’s my slave.  She’s been a huge help to me when I need all sorts of crap cut out, and I’m quite grateful for that.  She does, however, have an odd way of holding the rotary cutter/ruler that makes me nervous every time she uses them.

The last time I made her cut, I was joking that we had bandaids (something she likes to say whenever I need to touch her evil cat) in case she did cut herself with her haphazard method.  It wasn’t long before she needed a bandaid.  But it wasn’t because of the way she holds things.

See, I was sitting across from her on the floor and I had set my cutter down on the mat.  She was telling some sort of story (I’m sure) which required flailing arm movements.  Or maybe she was just shaking out her hands to revive them from all the cutting.  Whatever the case, she ended up hitting my blade and slicing open her finger.

You see that little orange button on the side of the cutter up there?  That retracts the blade.  It’s a button I rarely (if ever) used to push in the past.  Trust me.  I push it now, regardless of whether someone is around.  I do NOT need that n my conscience again!


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  1. Theresa B replied:

    You seem remarkably comfortable around those cats. I like cats, but I would be scared!

  2. The Cheap Chick replied:

    My poor Larue! I’m going over to her house tonight to do her cutting, since she’s out of commisssion and CLEARLY can’t be trusted with a rotary cutter 🙂 Thanks for her shout out, and PSA!

  3. Laura/LaRue replied:

    Can you believe I actually had to stop in the store today to BUY a rotary blade? Apparently after slicing off body parts the old blade is NO GOOD.

    Please use me as an example of what not to do. It is the story of my life.

  4. DK replied:

    Theresa: I’m used to them. Sunny and I butt heads a lot, and I am actually a little afraid of her sometimes. I will probably actually never cat sit for them again, haha. (I’m a sucker, I totally WILL)

  5. Rocketdog replied:

    The best part about that night was not all the dripping blood but all the giggling that followed!!!

  6. DK replied:

    It takes a special kind of person to giggle uncontrolably over bloodshed.

  7. Rocketdog replied:

    Like short bus special?? 🙂

  8. DK replied:

    I’m afraid so.

  9. Paper Trimmer replied:

    Anything that may protect my fingers is a good thing. Although I worry about it making me be less careful because of the false sense of security…

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