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I took a trip with ArtisticEdition to the ‘Grove this weekend to check out a Women of Today sale.  It was an interesting experience, since the one and only time I did a Women of Today sale as a vendor it, well, sucked.  Made a wopping $10 and drove and hour and a half to do it.  Yippy.  Anyway, this one seemed to be doing far better than that one, so I was glad for the vendors.

XOhandworks on Etsy

XOhandworks on Etsy

We went to see our fellow HandmadeMN (the new official name of the Minnesota Etsy Street Team) mate, XOHandworks.  I gotta say, I’m SO glad we did.  She has a new toy, and I truly can’t wait to try it out again.

My inner child is alive and well

My inner child is alive and well

She bought a gumball machine on ebay, and has filled it with lots of little goodies.  Magnets, push pins, charms, and some special treats.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of the machine, because I’m insanely jealous. You can see the machine here!  It makes me want to hunt down my sister’s old gumball machine and steal it.



I will absolutely be bringing a pocketful of quarters to every show I vend or attend.  There’s something thrilling about a gumball machine.  You never know what you’re going to get, and it’s always going to bring a smile to your face.


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Mystery Bag

I haven’t started my mystery bag yet, but I intend to be through Day 1 by the end of today.  I do, however, have my fabrics picked out.  I’m doing two bags, because I’m worried about liking the first one I picked.

Here’s the back up:


Yellow linen and a printed shirting fabric.  Yes, I will iron, but I have to be somewhere in a half an hour, hehe.

Now, the “first pick”:


A ridiculously ugly manufacturer remnant that caught my eye and a pumpkin orange suede.  I had to adjust the color on the photo to even do it justice, but everything is far more pumpkiny than the picture would suggest.

More to come 🙂

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I’m back!

But too tired still to do a real post. Can I have a post-vacation vacation? Too bad I have to go to work in a few hours!


I just wanted to mention another great giveaway being run by Chocolate and Steel. I really can’t get enough of that jewelry! The giveaway is here, so don’t forget to sign up–you can have up to three chances to win!

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I lied: A contest!


While I’m on vacation, head over to the Sunday Baker blog and check out her great posts and the great giveaway she’s offereing! There’s always something great going on over there.

NOW I’m on vacation. Right after I go to work…

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X-Post Announcement

I’m in Florida.  No posts til I return!

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Not my giveaway…


But a pretty awesome one, I must say.  You can enter Chocolate and Steel’s giveaway here.

That’s probably the coolest piece of jewelry I’ve seen in a long time.  I’m glad I came across her blog, or I might have given up on cool etsy jewelry all together (I’m picky, it’s nothing against Etsy).

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Giveaway Game Results

Well…  Only two people replied, haha.  So Tracy and Theresa will be getting gifts from me soon.


But, uh, not until I return from Florida 🙂  Where I, of course, promise not to have any fun what so ever.

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The page(s) I’m working on in Wreck This Journal are going to take me awhile.  But I’m rather proud of the work so far, so I figured I would give a sneak peak lest it be awhile before I have a full page to show off.

Fill This Page With Circles

Fill This Page With Circles

It reminds me a bit of a page out of a Shel Silverstein book.  I’m sure there’s a poem that had a picture filled with circles somewhere, but it’s the blob-like shapes that sort of look like his bodies.

In addition, I thought I would introduce the buddy I have working with me on this project.  His name is Oly.  Say hi to Oly:

Hi, Oly!

Hi, Oly!

This is actually Oly II and in some ways he’s far superior to Oly I.  His cap stays put on the end while I’m writing.  Oly I would often send his cap flying across the room.  Both Oly’s are hands down my favorite gift ever from The Hippy, but Oly II was purely lucky.  After I lost Oly I, The Hippy said he’d never be able to get another.  But a few days later he texted me to tell me he’d found me one.  Score!

At any rate, it’s the best pen I’ve ever had, and Oly II is never allowed out of my sight!

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Fabric from Heaven

One of the perks of my job is that I get to see pretty much every single bolt of fabric that comes in AS it comes in.  The downside is I often have to stress about where this fabric is going to go.  Right now, I’m stressing.  I hollered at my boss to tell him I didn’t need any more fabric, we were well stocked.  He said he’d put the rest at my house.  Nice!


Okay, he was joking, of course.  But I started to think about what I would do if a truck load of fabric showed up at my door, free of charge.

1. I’d quit my job with the hopes that I could supplement my living by selling the things I’d made.  I would certainly never have the time to use a truck load of fabric if I were working full time.

2. I’d become fearless in my sewing.  No doubt there would be fabric in there I didn’t like.  With that, I could practice all the things I’m not sure would work.

3. I’d make more clothes.  I’d work on more upholstry projects.  I wouldn’t have to make little things just because little things are all I could afford.  (Much like Kraft Dinner, I’d keep making little things…)

4. I’d cover the walls of my craft area with fabric so it wasn’t so depressing down there.  And change it often.

5. I’d redecorate my house.

6. I’d make a ton of things to sell, and then I’d buy another truckload of fabric with the earnings.  Because free trucks of fabric don’t show up at your door everyday…

7. I’d use the rest of my earnings to buy a ticket for Ships and Dip and get the hell out of the frozen tundra for a week.

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