The page(s) I’m working on in Wreck This Journal are going to take me awhile.  But I’m rather proud of the work so far, so I figured I would give a sneak peak lest it be awhile before I have a full page to show off.

Fill This Page With Circles

Fill This Page With Circles

It reminds me a bit of a page out of a Shel Silverstein book.  I’m sure there’s a poem that had a picture filled with circles somewhere, but it’s the blob-like shapes that sort of look like his bodies.

In addition, I thought I would introduce the buddy I have working with me on this project.  His name is Oly.  Say hi to Oly:

Hi, Oly!

Hi, Oly!

This is actually Oly II and in some ways he’s far superior to Oly I.  His cap stays put on the end while I’m writing.  Oly I would often send his cap flying across the room.  Both Oly’s are hands down my favorite gift ever from The Hippy, but Oly II was purely lucky.  After I lost Oly I, The Hippy said he’d never be able to get another.  But a few days later he texted me to tell me he’d found me one.  Score!

At any rate, it’s the best pen I’ve ever had, and Oly II is never allowed out of my sight!


March 7, 2009. Tags: , , , , , , , . pictures, wreck this journal.

One Comment

  1. chocolateandsteel replied:

    I love how this page is turning out. I’m just “drawn” to it. sorry, super corny:)

    Thanks for blogging about my giveaway. Best of luck!

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