Making my house a home

I should have been sewing prototype bags.  I will get that done, but I’ve been craving curtains in my own home.  My windows have been completely naked save for a blanket over the bedroom window and a towel over the bathroom window since we moved in.  So… since the end of November.

The only picture that worked out.  Damn you sun!

The only picture that worked out. Damn you sun!

Ew, ignore that stain on the chair.  I really, really, really need to clean the chair, as evidenced by the part that started cleaning itself when I leaned against it with wet hair.

I made two sets of curtains for the living room using a suiting in a color I call “cherry cola.”  That picture doesn’t do the color justice.  It’s much darker and richer.  The suiting has a slubbed texture with darker shades of the red running throughout.  I really didn’t want a print because the couch that will eventually be in front of that window is rather busy.  I didn’t want a solid because a solid was too boring.  When I saw that fabric come off the truck, I knew it was the fabric for my windows.

I may decide to line them someday, just so they don’t fade, but they are purely decorative.  I’m not concerned about blocking out light, and the blinds give us privacy.  They are floor-to-ceiling, which was slightly unintentional.  I didn’t feel like measuring, so I just bought the whole bolt (which ended up being 8 yards, 11 inches).  I then split the bolt in thirds, cut two of those thirds in half and the final third in quarters.  Added the narrower pieces to the wider pieces, hemmed up the four edges, and poof!  Curtains.

I would like to reiterate that other than food and dishes, the best presents I’ve ever been given were power tools.  Then directly after that, the knowledge and confidence to use power tools.  No woman should ever have to rely on a man to, por ejemplo, put up curtains or build her craft/ironing table.  Or put together her Aneboda.  She can, however, allow a man the privilege of building something for her, but she shouldn’t rely.

Now I’m off to Target to buy a vaccuum.  Oh yeah, haven’t had one of those either.  Whoops!


April 13, 2009. Tags: , , , . crafting life, handmade, pictures.

One Comment

  1. The Cheap Chick replied:

    Oooooo, I like the sound of that fabric! Does your most awesome store carry it in pure black? I need a good drapey black for one of my Ren Fest costumes of DOOM. Not the Packer Elizabethan, though.

    Lovely job on the curtains! Have you ever thought about doing those as a side gig? You could make some serious cash… with which to buy even MORE fabric! See how my mind works now? You and Larue are bad influences 🙂

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