Sneaky Peak

I’ve started my first serious knitting project.  It required learning how to use circular needles, which were so much easier than I anticipated.  I’m crossing a fine line here, posting about this project, because it’s a super top-secret project.  There is someone in blogland who can’t know what this project is.  In the meantime, I feel I’m safe enough showing this WIP picture.


Yes, it's a hat. But that's all you can know about it.

Okay, I’m not the best with ribbing.  Hopefully when all is said and done, it won’t be that noticeable.  Also when all is said and done will I give credit where credit is due.  If, until then, you notice somehow that this is your pattern, don’t freak out.  Your work is much appreciated, and will soon be rewarded.


May 18, 2009. Tags: , , , , , . handmade, pictures.


  1. Tracy Lee replied:

    It’s looking great!

  2. The Cheap Chick replied:

    I think it looks smashing! Love the color.

  3. DK replied:

    The color is the most important part.

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