Aw Man…

I finished the hat I posted about last month. It’s ridiculously cute, and based on this pattern.  It certainly doesn’t look like hers, but she has had much more practice at it.  I made it for my niece’s first birthday.

Monkey action shot

Monkey action shot

Neglected to stiffen the ears.  I kept telling myself the stiffener was at my parent’s house, but I think it was actually in my basement all along.  Maybe if the ears had been stiffened, people would have recognized what it was supposed to be.  Or maybe not.  Who knows.

What I do know is that it didn’t fit.  Which is lame.  I don’t know what the happy medium is between hand felting and machine felting, but I certainly missed it.  I do plan on knitting another one, because it was insanely easy, but I’m going to have to be very careful with the felting.

Thanks, Rory

Thanks, Rory

At least someone got to wear it.


June 17, 2009. Tags: , , , , . crafting life.


  1. Tracy Lee replied:

    It looks awesome. It really sucks that it felted too small. I’m sure the next one will be a success!

  2. Rocketdog replied:

    It wasn’t the felting that made it small…it’s my daughter’s freakishly large head!!

  3. the cheap chick replied:

    Well, at least your cat has a proper head covering now. In case it gets, erm, cold this summer???

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