Long time no see

There’s been an absense in posting, I know.  I just haven’t had much of a chance to craft these days, but I hope to remedy that soon.  I did, however, get a chance to whip up some valances (which are, incidentally, pronounced val-ances not vuh-lances or vay-lances) for our kitchen.  I didn’t think The Hippy would like them at all, but he spoke positively when he returned home.


I’m actually not a huge fan of valances, and really wanted to put real curtains on this window.  I debated back and forth, then while I was discussing these valances with an awesome regular to my store I realized this window needed a valance.  You see, the kitchen is literally the only room in our house that gets a decent amount of natural light.  The Hippy has this aversion to allowing anyone to see into our windows.  I knew if I wanted to experience natural light, I HAD to have valances.  If I had full curtains, he would have them closed all the time.  The decision was made for me.


This window was getting a valance no matter what.  It’s right above the sink, so curtains were out.

I made the valances thusly:

Fabric was 54″ wide.  I measured the window and divided that in three.  I doubled the 1/3 measurement and added 8″ for no other reason than 8″ seemed like more than enough for my top ruffle and seam.  Then I ironed the selvedges in so I had nice smooth edges.  Right sides together, I sewed the tube the long way–selvedges on the ends.  Turned right side out; ironed the seams.  I marked the two short edges 3.5″ and 5″ from the top so I could leave a gap, then sewed the edges closed around the gaps.  Then at the 3.5″ mark, I sewed all the way across the valance so it wouldn’t sag on the rod.  The end.  It’s easy.  Go make some valances.

But really, curtains are even easier.  And they look better.  So make those instead.

I now have sheers to make.  We’ll see how that goes.


July 7, 2009. Tags: , . crafting life, handmade.


  1. Theresa B replied:

    Hey, FYI, I mentioned you in my July 22 post. Also, what’s up?

  2. Rocketdog replied:

    No fair changing your layout but not posting!!

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