A kitchen full of undergarments

Got your attention?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been in charge of sewing up bloomers for the Wench Posse to wear under their garb for renaissance festivals.  The Chick (the woman behind the link lurking behind “Posse”) was glorious enough to cut them out (hate cutting, prefer sewing).  I assembled 8 completely, 2 almost entirely, and two halfway.  The “two halfway” are mine, and therefore was in no hurry.  I tell ya, it’s almost effortless to sew 12 bloomers when you only need to cut 2 of them.

Various bloomers for the "wee beasties"

Various bloomers for the "wee beasties"

Cupcakes, turtles, a monkeys.  The turtles were cursed.  Yes, the picture was taken in my kitchen…. It’s the only room in my house with light, let alone natural light.

Monkeys again and Georgie

Monkeys again and Georgie

Georgie is going all Mardi Gras for the Day of Wrong at Bristol this year, hence the beads.

Georgie and Princess A

Georgie and Princess A

Georgie’s second bloomers are peppers that say Hot Stuff.  Because she is.  Princess A has the cutest, cutest bloomer fabric EVER.  See?

ZOMG! Adorable ("cheerful") dragons and cute little kid pirates.

ZOMG! Adorable ("cheerful") dragons and cute little kid pirates.

I would like to take this moment to apologize for the craptacular pictures.  I knew I wanted pictures of the bloomers.  But I lost my camera.  I scoured and scoured and scoured, but could not find.  Then finally, yesterday morning, just before I was heading to work with a bag full of unphotographed bloomers to be delivered later, I noticed my camera sitting at the bottom of my soft-sided cooler.  And then I very clearly remembered myself saying, “This is a stupid place to put my camera.  It’s going to fall in, and I’m not going to be able to find it.”  And yet I left it there.  That’s how I roll.  So I had five minutes to get photographic evidence of my bloomer work.  Otherwise I probably would have put them on my dress form.  I promise my bloomers, once finished, will be photographed on the dress form.

Princess A and Larue

Princess A and Larue

Like half of Princess A’s bloomers, Larue is pirated out this year.  You’ve got the Jolly Roger, the Calico Jack flag, as well as various and sundry pirate paraphernalia and phrases.

Larue and The Chick

Larue and The Chick

Larue’s other pirates are what is known in the fabric world as “tossed,” and because of this, I kept freaking out that the pirates were upside-down.  Then I’d remind myself that I didn’t do the cutting (thanks Chick!!), so even if the pieces were upside-down, it wasn’t my fault.  Because I have a history of not paying attention and cutting… oh… a lovely tropical scene with palm trees and huts….. upside-down.  The pirates are, however, just haphazard, and the pieces were cut perfectly.  The Chick was so excited about her “winter bloomers” that she immediately put them on to show them off.

In her extreme gratitude for making all these bloomers, Larue immediately put me back to work at the sewing machine assembling a farthingale and some bum rolls.  Again.  It’s amazing how much more I love sewing when someone else does the cutting.  Can I hire someone to cut who works for.. I don’t know.. falafels?


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  1. The Cheap Chick replied:

    Whether you need me to cut a bitch, or cut some fabric, I’m there for you!

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