A year in the making

Okay… ten months.  Eleven months to get it in place…  Whatever.  Don’t judge.

I finally finished the couch I picked up off the side of the road last August, but started working on it around labor day.  I finished it sometime last month, but we just now got it out of the basement and into its home in the living room.

Mind the clutter...

Mind the clutter...

Ahhh….  Claw feet, nailhead trim, rich colors…  I’m actually surprised that I love this fabric as much as I do.  I sort of eyed it at work for awhile.  Was excited to see it go to clearance, picked up a remnant.  Figured I would make a bag out of it, or something.  But then I saw this couch, which was a slightly smaller version of what my parents have in their living room, and I knew they were a match.  Let’s revisit the before, shall we?

Defying Gravity!

Defying Gravity!

Not really, the couch was laying on its back when this was taken…  The couch was filled with straw.  Straw, cotton, bird seed, bobby pins, coins, and springs.  It was disgusting.  Now it’s filled with springs.  And foam and batting.  Nothing else.  Inside the couch, we also found what we can only assume is a scrap of fabric they had on the couch before the rosebud monstrosity.  Kind of a burgundy velvet.  So we stapled that and a scrap of the roses onto the back before covering it.  I don’t plan on getting rid of this couch any time soon.  Or really recovering it again in the future.  But in case either of those happens, we’ll have a little reminder of what came before.  We also signed it somewhere.  Because The Hippy and I are weird.

I’ve got about 20 more pictures of the couch being reupholstered.  There certainly isn’t room here, so if you’re so inclined, do check out the photobucket.


August 10, 2009. Tags: , , . crafting life, pictures.


  1. Theresa B replied:

    Wow. The style of that couch is awesome, nice job!

  2. Rocketdog replied:

    Sweet! You ready to re-re-do mine?? Just kidding!! Your couch looks very cool for real 🙂

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