I <3 YouTube

No, really.  Not only is it a great way to find music–let’s say I hear a song, if I can figure out the title, I can find a video and then video of other songs by same band.  WIN!  Not only can I see humorous clips of comedians I love.  Not only are there a million cute and/or funny kitty videos…

But when I can’t figure out how to do something in my crafting, YouTube always comes to my rescue.  Let’s go back in time to when I was working on that shirred shirt.  I had a rough start of getting the shirring to work.  So I went to YouTube. This video, plus a little more troubleshooting, and I was on my way.

Today, I ran my head into a wall over a knitting technique. I was to increase the stitches, and the text in the book wasn’t making sense at all. Popped over to YouTube, typed “k1fb” (which wasn’t the abbreviation in the book, I found that after a little Googling), and came up with this–a video that practically saved my life.  Sadly, embedding is disabled for this video.  It’s probably fine, though, because I feel like the only knitter in the world who didn’t know how to do that.  Of course, I’m obviously not, or this video wouldn’t exist.

Lastly, the other night The Hippy and I were baking a new bread.  Neither of us had ever seen or had Fougasse, but the recipe sounded good (garlic and cheese, how can one go wrong?).  Looked at a couple pictures of baked Fougasse loaves; I told the Hippy it looked like they cut the dough; he told me it looked like they joined pieces together.  YouTube to the rescue!

In short, if you’re even the slightest bit creative, YouTube is an amazing resource for learning new techniques. Huge props to everyone who has ever posted a tutorial on YouTube! I love you all! And, also, to the people who post kitty videos (it’s worth dealing with the darkness at the beginning).


January 25, 2010. Tags: , , , . crafting life.

One Comment

  1. the cheap chick replied:

    And now I’m hungry… but I agree! YouTube FTW (in the good way)!

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