So, uh… Hi.

Just popping in to tell y’all that I’ve not started my new blog yet and left you all in the dark.  I started to panic before the release date of the blog that I wasn’t going to be able to commit to it the way I wanted.  So I didn’t do it.  However, I’ve started to come to terms with the fact that the blog will still be there if I can’t write in it for a couple days, so I’m still contemplating going for it.  Basically I’ll just be going back to one blog for everything, whenever I do decide to start writing again.  I’ve had a lot of stuff to write about in the last few months, but I’ve lost all recollection of what those things may be.  So hopefully I’ll get back on course soon like.  Just as soon as I stop being busier than… something that’s really busy.


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Hold Me…

Accountable, that is. In the very, very near future, I plan to embark on three endeavors that are going to require me to have more drive and determination than I’ve ever had in the past. I have a history of saying “It’s too haaaaaaard!” (yeah, yeah, that’s what she said….) and running home to mommy. But enough of that. I need to do things that I can get excited about, or at least that make me feel a little better about being a silly retail slave because I will be MORE than a silly retail slave (and before you tell me I already AM more than a silly retail slave, understand that I am aware of this, but society often really only looks at your job as to what makes you who you are).

I really don’t feel like I can do this alone. And I know I’m not. I have an amazing network of friends and family that continues to grow and to support me and to support me in my growing. In some ways, they have all had a hand in helping me decide my next three steps. I’d actually like to take a moment right now to thank AE for help brainstorming help recently and over the last three years.  Without her I wouldn’t have been doing craft shows and I wouldn’t have nearly as many ideas bouncing around my head as I do right now.  So what are my plans?

1. Continue to build and push Danger Kitty Designs.  It’s not going to be easy.  I fell into a rut and I’ve also falling into an inferiority complex what with rejections and really great competition out there.  But I decided not to let it get me down.  I’ve come up with a couple designs, and I’m going to push forward.

2. Start up a new blog that will render my current two blogs useless.  It will be a combination of the two, and I will be making a very strong effort to post Monday through Friday.  The new blog will launch April 1, which should give me plenty of time to come up with my writing schedule, layout, domain, hosting, etc.  In the meantime, I will probably ramble here with the same frequency (or lack there of) as I always have.

3. Once finances start mellowing out, I would like to start reupholstering stuff and turning it around to sell it.  This is my most tentative of plans for a number of reasons.  For starters, it requires me to spend money.  The other two I can do practically for free given the fact that I have a ton of fabric and a boyfriend who can host my website and help me with the technical stuff.  Secondly, it requires me to take up space in my teensy weensy house.  If I can’t offload the furniture easily, it will quickly become a burden, and in turn so will I.  But it’s still an aspiration I have, and it’s still something I would like to be help accountable for.

So there is it.  My plans for the future.  What do I need from my readers?  Encouragement.  Support.  Ideas.  Promotion.  Love.  Adoration….  You know, the usual.

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Remember me?

Life has been in an upheaval lately, and in about a week and a half I should have awesomeness to share.  In the meantime, I thought I would share this neato color vision test that I found to be really difficult.  Despite my trouble with it, I got a 28, which is on the better end of hue discrimination.

Go ahead and visit X-Rite now and let me know how you fared.  I’m better with reds than greens.  What are your stronger areas?

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And the winner is……

Drumroll, please………. (I promised The Hippy I would pull numbers out of an actual hat, but I didn’t want to waste that much paper!)

Picture 2

Ali of Thrifty Mom!  Congrats, Ali!  You’ll be getting an email from me soon.  Here’s what Ali said about summer:

I love elephants and that one reminds me of Florida.
I like summer because the kids and I can take it easy, plus berry picking and used book sales and my mom comes to visit!

You may notice that my giveaway post had 161, but my max number was 133.  I went back and forth over how I would handle the comments, but in the end it came down to the fact that the people who didn’t leave a comment about what they liked about summer didn’t get an entry.  I had to be fair to the people that took the time to read my post and find out what the requirements for entry were.  It’s not like I was asking people to write haikus or anything!

At any rate, I’m glad summer is here.  I’m looking forward to tending my garden, geocaching, selling a couple times at the Farmer’s Market, my neice’s birthday, and holing myself up in the basement to sew.

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Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway Day

***Sign Up is now closed.  Thank you to all who entered!***

Welcome Sew, Mama, Sew visitors!  I hope you enjoy your stay.  Have a look around, the giveaway will still be here 🙂

What’s up for grabs, you ask?  Since this last weekend was the unofficial start of summer, I thought I would giveaway something summery.  Whether you live on the coast or in the center of the country, I firmy believe there is a surfer in all of us.  To celebrate that, I created the Surfer Nelephant.


He’s yours for the low, low payment of leaving a comment about what you look forward to the most about summer.  Because I can’t possibly tell someone their idea of a good time is better than anothers’, I will choose the winner at random.  I just want to feed off your excitement.

You have through May 31 to enter, which is fortunate because I won’t be at my computer, and therefore will be unable to post anything that might bury this lovely giveaway.  I will announce the winner Monday, June 1.  And, yup, I’ll ship internationally.

(PS: Thank you, Larue, for enlightening me to this!)

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Coming to a Blog Near You!

At Larue‘s urging, I will be participating in the May Give-Away Day on Sew, Mama, Sew.

I have an idea of what I will be giving away, but I’ve got a little less than two weeks to completely change my mind. 🙂

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Nelephants on Parade

There’s a new visitor to my Etsy Shop. I’ve officially named my stuffed elephants Nelephants.   I’m trying to crank these out with so far only a small amount of luck.  Two things help: paying attention when putting the ears on and not trimming the seam allowance so darn close to the actual seam.  From here on out I expect my Nelephant making to be far more successful.

It’s the Yin-Yang Nelephant!

Dark, Evil, Male

Dark, Evil, Male

Light, Good, Female

Light, Good, Female

I think Nelephants will always be referred to as male.  They will always be “hes” in my book.

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Better than last year…


Danger Kitty Designs, The Cozy Corset Cuff, and Artistic Edition will be at booth 21.  I promise it will be warmer and much more inviting this year.

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I’m back!

But too tired still to do a real post. Can I have a post-vacation vacation? Too bad I have to go to work in a few hours!


I just wanted to mention another great giveaway being run by Chocolate and Steel. I really can’t get enough of that jewelry! The giveaway is here, so don’t forget to sign up–you can have up to three chances to win!

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I lied: A contest!


While I’m on vacation, head over to the Sunday Baker blog and check out her great posts and the great giveaway she’s offereing! There’s always something great going on over there.

NOW I’m on vacation. Right after I go to work…

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