I Like You… I do.

I truly love my trips to I Like You.  I always enjoy catching up on gossip with Sarah and shooting the breeze with Angela.  They’re two rad ladies I feel blessed to have in my life, and not just because their craft sales tend to make me a fair chunk of change.

I stopped over today to drop off some ornaments for their holiday show and pick up cards to hand out to everyone I know (and if you’re reading this, and I don’t give you a card, you’d better head to the sale mentioned in that linked blog, or I will cry… seriously).  I was in the truck when I thought “Gee, I may never see these ornaments again.  I should take pictures of them.”  Hopefully I will never see these ornaments again, anyway.  I would like for them to sell!  So without further pomp or circumstance, I present to you… your dinner.  I mean, the ornaments.


I’m feeling more confident about my color correcting on this Mac.  At least my pictures don’t look completely fake anymore.  Moving on…




The star is my favorite, but the tree is growing on me.  Who doesn’t love a pink Christmas tree?  Right?

All four can be found at I Like You sometime around the Saturday after Thanksgiving when they are having their fabulous holiday party.  It’s the last party before they move locations, so I feel it’s necessary every cool kid in the world goes.  Or at least in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Yes, this post is a thinly veiled attempt to put off working; why do you ask?  Look, it’s really f-ing cold up here!  Cut me some slack!  Plus all I’m doing right now is cutting, and cutting is probably the most dreaded part of any sewing project.


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No rest for the weary

It’s been a long, arduous day, but it was well worth every minute.  The 6am alarm clock got me off to work for a four hour shift, and then I rushed across the river for a brick and mortar blitz with Jenna and Sarah.

I’m happy to announce that you can find Danger Kitty Designs and The Cozy Corset Cuff  at Truly in White Bear Lake.

We visited a large number of stores today, so I will keep my faithful readers posted if there are any further developments.  For now, I’m taking a break from sewing and working more on my wrist warmers–they’ve been neglected.

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Currently I’ve got my products in two stores: I Like You in Minneapolis and Nature’s Blessings in Pennsylvania. My partner and I have been actively trying to get ourselves in other stores, but it’s been a slightly uphill battle.

One store has been impossible to get a hold of. Granted, my partner and I work full time, and can’t really make phone calls during the day. When we can make phone calls, they aren’t open.  We have a deadline, though, and we’re sticking to it.  We actually want to hit as many stores that day as humanly possible, so we’ll see where that gets us.

There is a major question that keeps coming up:  What is a fair cut for the shop selling your item?  A general consensus is that 60/40 is the most common break down.  It’s what we follow at I Like You, and I’ve heard of many other stores with the same split.  Some shops charge a rental fee instead of commission.  We rent space at Nature’s Blessings at a relatively reasonable price.

But what to do when it feels like the shop is taking advantage of the artists they are seeking?  The obvious choice is to say no to the store.  There’s really no question about that, but past that, what can you do?  It sucks to sit by and watch as someone takes advantage of the independent artist community.  It’s a bit like being able to see the hint of some horns from under their hat, and not being able to warn anyone about them.

If artists and crafters had some sort of a union, we’d be able to band together to get the fairness we deserve.  I’m not saying shop owners don’t deserve 40% or even 50%.  There’s a lot of money and hard work that goes into a brick and mortar, work and money I don’t have to give.  But I shouldn’t be expected to shell out what amounts to three days of labor every month.  Not when I’m not getting anything in return to make it worthwhile.

Maybe this will come back to bite me in the butt someday, but I’m willing to take that chance.  If I don’t stand up for myself, who will?

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Minneapolis Likes I Like You

I sell at a wonderful consignment shop called I Like You in Minneapolis.  Every time I go in there, I get in these amazing conversations with the owners who love supporting local artists in their creative endeavors.

And now I Like You has been featured on the Minneapolis Picks  website.  Check out the review, tell all your friends, and then get your behind over to I Like You and start shopping!

Don’t live in the Minneapolis area?  Then maybe you should be checking out Etsy. 🙂

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