Nelephants on Parade

There’s a new visitor to my Etsy Shop. I’ve officially named my stuffed elephants Nelephants.   I’m trying to crank these out with so far only a small amount of luck.  Two things help: paying attention when putting the ears on and not trimming the seam allowance so darn close to the actual seam.  From here on out I expect my Nelephant making to be far more successful.

It’s the Yin-Yang Nelephant!

Dark, Evil, Male

Dark, Evil, Male

Light, Good, Female

Light, Good, Female

I think Nelephants will always be referred to as male.  They will always be “hes” in my book.


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Come Home to a Gnome

I would like to stress that this is pronounced “NOME.”  I think I’ll do a feature on the other blog about gnomes of a different color, but today I feel like highlighting and amazing shop on Etsy that I keep going back to over and over.  And once I have… oh… furnature… I will be buying goodies from her because I decided I’m just too lazy to build my own.

Enough secrets.  My own what?  Terrarium.



Enter GnomeHomes.  GnomeHomes is a collaboration between a couple Etsy sellers.  Matt is from Haulinoats, which is such an awesome name for a sadly empty shop.  Meghan is from 2lilmonkeys, which is another great name and an adorable little shop.  But the GnomeHomes… Ooooh, the GnomeHomes…



I’ve been fascinated by terrariums since I was a kid.  I know I built one once, but I can’t remember if it was in girl scouts, at school, or in day care.  Because I was a kid, I probably ended up ignoring it, then my mom ended up ignoring it, and now I have no more terrariums.  I think I would still like to build my own with more folliage, but what I find so appealing about the GnomeHomes is the compactness and the colors.  Usually I would say red and green is so very Christmas, but the mushrooms work so well will the moss.  Of course, that could be because the descriptions claim the mushrooms are orange, but I see red.  The exact color is neither here nor there.  What matters is that they look amazing together.

Oooh, fancy :)

Oooh, fancy 🙂

Okay, I concede.  These mushrooms are red.

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It’s not too late…

Large Logo



** Click on the “Save $2 OFF” to enter our shop. **


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Do you handmade?

I’m inspired by my poll: only one voter said that none of the gifts they give are handmade.  In an effort to make it a little more exciting to buy handmade gifts, I want to tell you all about an awesome movement going on over at Etsy.  It’s a win-win-win situation.  One person gets an awesome gift, one person gets a sale, and one person (you) gets to feel warm and fuzzy.  Throw another win in for Etsy, since they get their commission fees.

It’s called a Sneak Attack.  It was started (I do believe) by PhippsArt as a way to promote people will zero or very few sales.  Every weekday, someone sponsors a sneak attack.  They set the time and promote the “attack” in the Etc. section of the Etsy Forum.  Only the sponsor and PhippsArt knows who the lucky shop will be that day until it’s announced.  Announcements are made on The Handmade Movement site.  You can also find this week’s schedule and all past Sneak Attacks on the site.  Just take a look at those stats!

I’ve participated in one Sneak Attack so far, and it would be lovely to participate in more.  Unfortunately, right now my checkbook is telling me to stop spending money.  So unless I receive a lot of sales, I have a moratorium on spending money on non-essentials.

Now… Go buy handmade!

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Feels like home

I once moved away–across the country, actually–and now I can’t seem to bring myself to ever leave again. I probably think about this more than most people, and I get quite nostalgic for things that are still quite near to me. I wanted to commemorate my home state on Etsy, but I really don’t feel like sitting around and waiting for the treasuries to open. Thank heavens for the poster sketch tool! May I present to you, Minnesota in Art:

If Adam Turman would list things on Etsy, he’d be in this “freasury” (that’s faux treasury…). But as it stands, you have yer studiolyon, XOHandworks, ARTitecture (x2), pumpkingirl, FriendlyMade (x2), westernartglass, NicsPics (x2), barefootphotos (x2), signedmjh, ELBfoto (x2), and kaelacusack.

There are two reasons there are so many duplicates up there. First, it’s not a real treasury–I’m not concerned with the chance I might get on the front page, and I can do whatever the heck I want! Second, there’s just not nearly enough Minnesota iconography on Etsy! So, Minnesota artists, let’s get to it! It doesn’t have to be a photo or a drawing of a landmark–just whatever reminds you of Minnesota!

Who’s with me?

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Savor the moment

My computer is more or less back in working order, though it does have a tendency to flake out. I consider it a sign that I spend way too much time using it. To kick off getting back into the swing of blogging, I bring you an artist spotlight.

I like to pretend that I’m pretty green and socially conscious. I have the very best intention to support the little guy and to use chemical free products. Let’s face it, though, I’m not made of money. I have a crappy retail job and I sell handmade goods–I’m not fortune 500 or a Bobo.

I do, however, have an amazing love of handmade soap. Up until a month or two ago, I had an appreciation for handmade soap (I’d made melt and pour soap before, and I had bought a few bars of soap from Etsy sellers that were all right–they made me feel good enough about my purchase, that is, but they didn’t wow me). Then I met Savor.

This is probably the tamest of all Savor soaps, but it was my first purchase, so it holds a special place in my heart. I’d been stalking her shop for awhile, waiting for the right one to pop up, but then I became in dire need of new soap, and had to make a fast choice. I’d been searching other shops as well, but I kept getting called back to Savor. I had to pounce, and pounce I did. There were very few bars left in her shop, and this one sounded the most appetizing. Honestly, I have never, ever been happier with a bar of soap. It almost makes showering enjoyable (as many may not know, I truly despise showering, and if I don’t have an absolute reason to do it, I won’t).

Now I find myself almost unable to wait until this bar of soap is gone. I currently have 8 bars of savor soap in my favorites on etsy, and all have sold. I refuse to delete them, though, because I just keep hoping she’ll list more of that kind.

For instance: Black Cherry Sundae


and Chocolate Cardamom

These soaps are true works of art. I often go to Savor’s shop just to drool. It’s always interesting to see what she has come up with!

PS: After checking out her shop again, almost all my favorites are back in stock.  Now let’s hope they’ll be there when I need new soap!

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What I got…

It’s time to show off the lovelies I bought at Craftstravaganza!

It was between this and Crabby Pants, but this was deemed far more practical.  It’s bugs.  That stack.  Made out of flannel.  A word to the wise, however: this toy, if given as a present, should not be opened around a bunch of middle aged women.  They have dirty minds.  As a side note, I’d give my left arm for an adult sized pair of crabby pants.  Okay, maybe just my left pinky or something.  But I really, really want crabby pants.

The second I saw Orange Rhino I knew I had to have their onesies.  I also was kind of bummed that they only sell childrens clothes.  Honestly, people, grown ups want uber cute clothes too…  But what I liked best about them is that the clothing is gender neutral.  There’s no “flowers on pink” or “trucks on blue.”  Their blue onesies would be great for a boy or a girl.  Their designs (save, perhaps, the flowery bird) don’t scream one gender or another.

I purchased this one in brown.  And as we discovered when Rocketdog opened her present, it goes perfectly with this pair of pants I purchased on Etsy from littleoliveclothing a month ago–AND in the correct corresponding sizes!  I rule!

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When life gives you lemons…

While lurking in the fora the other day, I came across a really interesting post.  Heatherfuture was talking about her latest adventures, and posted a link to her blog.

Project Lemon was received with a great interest from the Etsy crowd.  So much so, that Heather has started an entirely new blog to feature any Etsy seller (or blogger, I suppose) that documents any random acts of kindness they enact. As you can see, the acts of kindness are already starting to pour in.

My buddies and I have a plan of our own in the works.  As soon as this run of craft sales is over, we’re going to throw ourselves into it.  Etsy Acts of Kindness is icing on the cake–as soon as I read about Project Lemon, I emailed my friends to get the hamster wheels turning.

I’ll leave you with this lovely item from HeatherFuture…  Just one of the many gems in her Etsy shop:

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Congrats Girl Savage!

Whenever I see an Etsy seller on Cute Overload I get excited.  1. It’s true there are some insanely cute things on Etsy. 2. It’s good for the whole of Etsy.

I saw Girl Savage’s feltidermy  on there yesterday, and the position is well deserved.  I have coveted the feltidermy for quite some time now.  The whole world is going to want her stuff now!  Prices will soar, and I will never get to hang a felt jackalope head on my wall.  Bummer.

I don’t think it’s purely coincidence that since the CO feature yesterday I have had a record number of visitors to this blog through a link on Girl Savages blog (link to the right, I’m running out of time).  So, thank you Girl Savage and thank you Cute Overload!  You both produce some awesome things, so keep up the good work.  And, you know, if you see fit to keep sending visitors my way, I certainly won’t complain! : D

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New product line for 2008

I can’t really say right now what this new product is… It’s still in the preliminary stages, but I can guarantee it will change your life.

The nice thing about collaborating with someone else in a business, as I started to do in September, is that you might have a really good idea, but all the pieces aren’t contained in your brain to make it a great idea.  But if there’s someone else to bounce ideas off of, there’s a far greater chance that those pieces will fall into place.

That’s exactly what happened Saturday afternoon/evening.  I went to teach ArtisticEdition how to make tote bags so that we could start creating matching totes to our Cozy Corset Cuffs.  One thing led to another, and we had an entirely new product line.  A product line even cooler than the matching tote, you ask?  Yes.  Oh, yes.

The only problem will be finding time for everything.  Either that, or getting up the nerve to quit our day jobs.  Crafting full time would be even harder work than supervising a fabric store, but it would be worth it.

Our new product will hit the proverbial shelves no later than April, but I suspect that early March will be their international launch date.

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