Look at me! I made something!

Something that isn’t clothes and is for a business-type venture. I made myself get out from under the covers and make a bag I’ve been dying to make for at least a year. And since it’s been equally as long since I’ve really made something with the mindset of tying to make money, I figured this would be a good way to start.

Double layers of wool/nylon blend felt with seams exposed.  In red and grey.  The applique is cotton prints.  There’s a magnet snap to keep your stuff from spilling out.

This is the prototype bag that I will either keep for myself or give to a loved-one.  There are some imperfections that I’m not comfortable having on an item I’m selling.  Namely I have to work out sewing the bottom on.  I’m terrible with boxes.  Suggestions?


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I Like You… I do.

I truly love my trips to I Like You.  I always enjoy catching up on gossip with Sarah and shooting the breeze with Angela.  They’re two rad ladies I feel blessed to have in my life, and not just because their craft sales tend to make me a fair chunk of change.

I stopped over today to drop off some ornaments for their holiday show and pick up cards to hand out to everyone I know (and if you’re reading this, and I don’t give you a card, you’d better head to the sale mentioned in that linked blog, or I will cry… seriously).  I was in the truck when I thought “Gee, I may never see these ornaments again.  I should take pictures of them.”  Hopefully I will never see these ornaments again, anyway.  I would like for them to sell!  So without further pomp or circumstance, I present to you… your dinner.  I mean, the ornaments.


I’m feeling more confident about my color correcting on this Mac.  At least my pictures don’t look completely fake anymore.  Moving on…




The star is my favorite, but the tree is growing on me.  Who doesn’t love a pink Christmas tree?  Right?

All four can be found at I Like You sometime around the Saturday after Thanksgiving when they are having their fabulous holiday party.  It’s the last party before they move locations, so I feel it’s necessary every cool kid in the world goes.  Or at least in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Yes, this post is a thinly veiled attempt to put off working; why do you ask?  Look, it’s really f-ing cold up here!  Cut me some slack!  Plus all I’m doing right now is cutting, and cutting is probably the most dreaded part of any sewing project.

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Congrats Girl Savage!

Whenever I see an Etsy seller on Cute Overload I get excited.  1. It’s true there are some insanely cute things on Etsy. 2. It’s good for the whole of Etsy.

I saw Girl Savage’s feltidermy  on there yesterday, and the position is well deserved.  I have coveted the feltidermy for quite some time now.  The whole world is going to want her stuff now!  Prices will soar, and I will never get to hang a felt jackalope head on my wall.  Bummer.

I don’t think it’s purely coincidence that since the CO feature yesterday I have had a record number of visitors to this blog through a link on Girl Savages blog (link to the right, I’m running out of time).  So, thank you Girl Savage and thank you Cute Overload!  You both produce some awesome things, so keep up the good work.  And, you know, if you see fit to keep sending visitors my way, I certainly won’t complain! : D

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