Dear Butterick:

You and I have very different ideas of what “easy” is.  I consider myself a pretty good sewer, but I find this pattern to be a little more on the “intermediate” side.

It seems like it will maybe be cute when I’m out of muslin territory, but I still have my reservations.  That little twist in the front is a bitch.  Still, I’m withholding final judgment until I have seen it out of a polyester silky print.  It’s not a fabric I can ever get again, so this better not get screwed up!

I am, unfortunately, pretty burned out on sewing for today (this is the second project that I’ve hit a brick wall with in one day!  yeehaw!).  With luck, I will work on it more tomorrow.

(PS: My memory card broke, and my memory card procurer keeps coming down with a bit of the shinies every time he thinks about getting me one…  I really want to blog about the projects I’ve been working on, though, so hopefully that changes soon)


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